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I lay back in bed as my husband rushed round getting ready to go off to work. He was due to be away for a few days and as usual he had left everything to the last minute so was rushing round to sort himself out before going off to his conference. I lay there naked watching him, fingers teasing gently at my pussy to disturb him while he got ready, teasing him, knowing that he had no time to do anything but get worked up about me playing with myself, and all the time I am smiling at him and imagining what I am going to be getting up to over the next couple of days.

I had almost three days (from 6am today when he had to leave, tomorrow and until about 8pm on the next day when he came back) and I had decided to get so fucked in that time that my pussy ached and I couldn't walk, I was going to fuck everyone I possibly could!

Let me tell you about us before I go any further - I am Andrea, 24 years old, 5'6 tall with a fairly slim figure which I like to keep in shape with lots of swimming and exercise. I have long blonde hair, piercing green eyes, long shapely legs, a very cute ass and 34C breasts which are still nice and firm. Hubby is Mike and he is 45, not too bad looking and still in ok shape but extremely rich! Unfortunately he is not actually that good in bed, enthusiastic and willing but not very satisfying although he does love to lick and suck my pussy and can do that for ages at a time so that makes him useful for something.

I watched him finish off getting ready and then he came over to kiss me goodbye, as he did so I could taste myself on him (remnants of the good licking he had given me earlier) and then I offered him my fingers which he greedily licked before heading out. I lay back and played with myself until I came, thinking about the fun for later). I had ordered some things to be delivered during the next few days and had also contacted a few of the guys I had known before I got married to come over and see me again.

I had a while to kill before I was expecting anyone so I headed downstairs to get breakfast and as I opened the curtains I saw my neighbours son outside getting rid of the trash. He looked over and his eyes widened as he saw my naked body at the window (I had decided to remain naked for the next few days unless anyone wanted anything different as I thought it would be easier that way). I watched as his eyes roamed up and down my body and he seemed to like what he was seeing so I smiled at him and beckoned for him to come over. He looked back his own door and then headed over to mine. I opened it and pulled him inside, pushing him against the wall as I did so, kissing him and shutting the door behind us.

I stepped back and looked up at him - 18 shaggy brown hair, a toned body in his shorts (with quite a bulge in them) and vest. I smiled and asked if he liked what he saw and needless to say he was very appreciative of my body. I kissed him again, letting his hands feel me as we did, while I slipped my hand inside his shorts to play with his cock and very nice it felt too as I played. We eased ourselves apart and I pulled his shorts down his legs to free his lovely cock, the first of hopefully many I would get today. It was nice and smooth and about 6 1/2" long and fairly thick. I slid to my knees and slipped his cock in between my lips, sucking and licking at him, loving the taste as I sucked his cock. I didn't suck for long as I so wanted to feel him inside me. I looked up at him "Fuck me Richard," I whispered and leading him by his cock into the living room I leant over the arm of the chair, ass and pussy open and ready for him.

He didn't wait and positioning himself behind me he slid his cock straight into my pussy, fucking me slowly at first but getting faster and faster, driving his cock deep into me, his balls slapping against my ass as he fucked me.

"Oh fuck yes baby," he groaned as he plunged in and out of me, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm but all to soon I felt him tense and then felt the spurt of his cum hitting the back wall of my pussy, filling me with his juices.

"OH baby!" I moaned both with lust and slight disappointment as I thought that was it for now but being young and fit he stayed hard and continued to pound me even harder than before, driving deep into me, "Yes, Yes, Oh yes, fuck me honey!" I screamed with pleasure until I felt my orgasm rip through my body, closely followed by his second lot of cum filling me.

We stayed locked together for a little while before I felt him slip from my pussy and his cum started to dribble from me. I turned round and knelt before him, licking both our juices from his soft cock "I better go or mom will be wondering where I've got to," he said. I kissed his cock and helped him back into his shorts, kissing him as he left

"Come back later if you want to," I said. "And feel free to bring some friends if you wish." I shut the door behind him as he headed back next door.

I headed into the kitchen to finish getting my coffee and breakfast, feeling his cum dribbling slowly down my inner thighs. I reached down and wiped it up with my fingers, licking them clean tasting his cum again. I took my coffee into the living room and sat down watching out the window as I drank. I sipped slowly, savouring the taste as I watched the world go by, waiting for the next opportunity.

It was about 7.30 or so when I saw Richard go by, looking in at me as he went by. I spread my legs and ran my hand up and down my wet lips as he went by, watching him smile as he went off for his day. I got up from my chair and headed into the kitchen when the door bell went. I strolled back to the door thinking it was too early for the guys I had lined up (most of them had said late morning or afternoon at the earliest) and the deliveries had all said after 9!

I opened the door, still naked but now with cum running down my thighs, to the mail man - he must have been at least 60 but I had vowed to fuck who ever possible! The look on his face as I opened the door was priceless, he really didn't know what to do with himself, I imagine that it had been a good while since he had seem as young a woman as I naked. He stammered and stuttered "Mrs Thorne? I nnnnnneeed a s s s s signature for this one please."

I looked him up and down "Why don't you come in and get it then," I purred leading the way inside. I took the mail from him and also his signature sheet and then turning away from him I bent over so I could lean on the table to sign. I signed for the delivery and waited to see if he would do anything but he just stood there transfixed. I got up and turn to him again, handed him back his sheet and asked, "Is there anything else I can give you?"

Again he stood there in almost shock so I decided to take matters into my own hands as it were and I reached out to undo his pants and slid them and his undershorts down his legs. His cock was hard and although not large (probably only about 5 1/2 or 6") it was quite thick. I turned away from him again and lent back on the table, this time he seemed to get the idea and I soon felt that thick cock stretch me as it slid into my pussy. I pushed back onto him as he thrust in and out, fucking me quite hard and rough, hands gripping my waist pulling me sharply back onto him with each and every thrust.

"Oh Yes baby, fuck my hot pussy," I cried out with pleasure as he fucked me, bring me quickly to yet another orgasm and he kept going and going, pounding in and out of me, definitely one of the best fucks I had had in ages, he must have fucked me for at least 30 minutes or so, giving me two orgasms in this time, before he finally shot his cum into my pussy.

There was nowhere near as much as earlier with Richard but it felt good non the less and my pussy was definitely tingling in a way it hadn't done for a while from the good long fucking it had just received. I slipped off his cock and as before with Richard I leant down to lick him clean before tucking him back inside his pants and letting him carry on with his deliveries "Same time tomorrow," he stated as he left.

It was now 8.25 am, less than 2 1/2 hours since hubby had left and I had already cum 4 times and had 3 lots of cum deposited inside me. At this rate I would have nearly 100 orgasms and have about 75 lots of cum in my pussy in the 62 hours while he was away!!! I slumped into my arm chair and waiting for the next one to arrive. I didn't have to wait too long as at 8.45 the door bell rang again.

I jumped from my chair and over to the door, pulling it open to reveal my nakedness to the first of the days delivery drivers - this one was about 30 with a very nice body. "Good morning Mrs Thorne," he said as he looked me up and down, smiling as he admired my body. "Got a delivery for you, where do you want it babe?" I smiled back and slid my hands down my body to my very wet pussy

"How about right here honey," I purred and then turned and walked off into the living room, swaying my ass seductively as I did so. I slipped onto the couch, lying back with my legs spread as he followed me in, unbuckling his pants as he came into the room. He dropped his pants and shorts to reveal a beautiful cock which must have been at least 8" long and really thick and juicy. I licked my lips at the sight of this and settled back as he positioned himself between my thighs and thrust his cock straight into my soaking wet pussy.

"Fucking Hell baby! Fuck me hard!" I screamed out with extreme pleasure as he filled me with his cock, slamming it against the back wall of my pussy as he fucked me hard and fast, driving deep inside me. I moaned constantly through out his fucking, he felt so good and so fulfilling when he was inside me, I wanted to keep that cock inside me forever. I felt my orgasm rising as he fucked me, smashing his pelvis against mine with every thrust, driven by animal lust to fuck me as hard as possible, me screaming with ecstasy louder than I thought possible to scream

"OH YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!" I screamed as I wave after wave of pleasure surged through me as I came again and soon after I was rewarded with another pussy full of thick cum. He slipped out and wiped his cock clean on my leg before doing himself up and going to get my parcel which he left in the hall and then came through for me to sign. I was still lying in the place he had left me when he came back and once I had signed for my delivery he looked at me again and then told me to turn over. I rolled over so I was now lying on my front and he moved behind me again, running his hand over my soaked pussy and rubbing the juices over my ass.

I then felt something pressing against my ass and before I could say anything he pushed his big cock gently into my ass, "AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" I screamed when he forced himself between my cheeks, forcing himself deeper and deeper into my ass. I had never felt anything so painful but also so filling in all my life (I had been fucked in the ass once before but nowhere near as big a cock as this one). Gradually the pain eased and the pleasure intensified, if anything he was fucking my ass harder and deeper than he had fucked my pussy and there was I screaming even louder than previously.

If anyone could hear me then they would probably think I was being attacked or something! I was in a permanent state of ecstasy as he fucked me until eventually I felt his cock tense and he filled my ass with his second lot of cum. "Thanks for that Baby," he said as he pulled his cock from my ass, wiping himself clean on me, pulled up his pants and left leaving me lying there as I came down from that double fucking.

I lay there for a while, letting my body recover from the fuckings I had experienced over the last few hours but then once I had recovered a little I pulled myself off the sofa and headed upstairs for a shower before anyone else arrived. I glanced at the clock as I wandered upstairs - 9.40am, just over 3 1/2 hours and I had been fucked 5 times. I smiled to myself as I got into the steaming shower, washing away the cum and aches of the last few hours and getting myself ready for the next few! I luxuriated in the flow of hot water over my body until I was awoken from my day dreaming by the door going again. I dragged myself out of the shower, leaving it running as I did so and headed down stairs, dripping wet to see who it was this time.

I flung open the door, completely naked and dripping wet to the next delivery driver. I smiled at him and managed to persuade him to accompany me in the shower where he fucked me twice before leaving. The rest of the day followed a similar pattern - I had another delivery (as I said I ordered lots of things in preparation for this time) before a friend of mine Jason showed up around lunch time. He stayed for a couple of hours, enjoyed his lunch - me! And then went back home having fucked me a couple of times.

Not long after he left another friend Steve turned up and he too fucked me a couple of times before heading home to his wife. It was now getting on for 4.30 and I was unsure what I was going to do for the evening, it was possible that Mark may be able to come over but he wasn't sure so I thought I might have to go out and hit the bars and clubs and see what I could find. So far I had managed to be fucked 13 times by 7 different guys in just under 11 hours.

It had just gone 5 when the door went again. I wandered over to the door, not expecting anyone but looking forward to it. It was Richard returning and he had done as I requested and bought some mates - 5 of them to be precise. I stood at the door with 6 young lads looking at me, admiring my naked body before I invited them all in. "Do you like what you see boys?" I questioned to which they all answered positively.

It was then that Richard said "We are all staying the night and you are going to get fucked like never before." I think I did a little jig of joy at this point - the thought of 6 young horny lads servicing me in every way possible for the next 12 hours or so was the most wonderful thought I think I have ever had. Now was a chance to fulfil many of my fantasies - have all 3 holes filled, have 2 cocks fuck my pussy at the same time, maybe suck 2 at the same time. I even wondered if it would be possible for all 6 to fuck me at the same time but I wasn't sure my pretty little ass could take that abuse.

I got them all to strip off and then sit down in the living room, admiring their cocks as they stripped, such a range of sizes, from about 6" or so up to one enormous one that must have been at least 10" and fucking thick. I wondered just what that would do to me when he fucked me. I knelt on the floor and starting at one end I sucked each cock in turn as Richard introduced them. The first was Dave, 6 1/2" and quite thin but delicious to taste. He didn't take long to send his first lot of cum down my throat. Then there was James, 8" and fairly thick, he too didn't take long to deposit his seed in my mouth. Then there was Mike and he was huge, 10" and probably 4" thick. I struggled to get him all into my mouth but managed it eventually and he then proceeded to fuck my mouth hard, holding the back of my head as he drove in and out of my mouth until he too eventually filled my mouth with his cum.

Then there was Paul, he was only about 6" but he too was really thick, like a thick juicy sausage which I let slip slowly between my lips and sucked and licked until he pulled out and shot his cum all over my face and in my hair. I licked off what I could before rubbing the rest off with my hand and licking that clean. Then I moved onto Andy, 7 1/2" and reasonably thick and he too started to fuck my face hard.

While he was fucking my face I felt something pushing against my pussy and as I pushed back to force it inside me I looked round as best I could to see that Dave didn't appear to be there so I guessed it was his cock that was now sliding in and out of my pussy as I slurped on Andy's cock between my lips. I was soon rewarded with another face full of cum as Andy pulled out and squirted all over my face and as I moved to suck Richard's cock I felt Dave fill my pussy yet again with cum. He slipped out as I let Richard slip his cock between my lips and then I felt something big sliding into my wet pussy, Mike had eased his monster cock in and started to fuck me so hard, driving my head down Richard's cock with every thrust.

Soon Richard filled my mouth with another load of cum and I pushed away, forcing as much of mike into me as possible. It felt like he would split me in two as he fucked me so hard finally thrusting with all his might as he came hard inside me. I felt so empty as he pulled his cock from me but I stayed on the floor with my ass in the air ready for the next one. James, then Andy, then Paul and finally Richard fucked me, all filling my pussy with their cum so at the end it was running from my pussy and down my legs.

I rolled over onto my back and looked up at the guys, 6 guys standing round me with their hard cocks sticking out. I lay there as they wanked themselves and sprayed their cum over my body, covering my tits, stomach and face as they came again. As I lay there I told them about my fantasies and they promised to make them come true. They spilt into 2 lots of 3 and firstly Richard lay down on the floor and I was lowered onto his cock, leaning forward I had Paul push his cock into my mouth and then I felt a cock being forced into my ass (Dave I later found out), I was in heaven, being fucked in every hole, I would have been screaming in so much pleasure if my mouth hadn't been so full of cock at the time. Dave came first in my ass, then I came again, then Richard closely followed by Paul in my mouth. Soon after they had come they were replaced, Mike in my pussy, Andy in my ass and James in my mouth. I think I cam at least twice before I was filled with cum again, this time Andy came first, then James and finally Mike.

Then Dave and Richard knelt on the floor facing each other, their cocks almost touching and I was positioned between them and lowered down until both cocks were nudging against my pussy lips. I pushed down further and one slipped in and I reached down to guide the other one in too. I was so stretched but it felt absolutely divine to have two lovely cocks inside me at the same time. I slowly started to move up and down on them, worried at first that I would lose one of them but then getting more and more into it and bouncing harder and harder, coming many times and felling my legs giving way beneath me, so two of the guys took me under each arm and lifting me up the drove me down on the cocks, forcing me down so hard that I thought they would come right through. Eventually I was filled with two more lots of come, 1 very soon after the other.

I was lifted off them and then I was pushed down on two more cocks - Mike and Andy this time, stretching me even further then before and I was sure that they would rip my pussy as they fucked me. I didn't have the strength to fuck them so the guys did the same again and they drove me up and down. This was so good that I almost passed out in pleasure. Again I came numerous times before first Andy and then Mike filled me with even more cum. I t was running down my legs as they fucked me. Finally I was lifted off and it was the turn of James and Paul to double fuck me which they did and I am sure that at some point during this I passed out for a while. I was so full of cum at this point but I absolutely adored the feeling of being used and treated like a slut and a fuck toy.

By this time it was getting late and we were all tired so we all decided to get some rest. I headed off to the shower dragging Mike along with me as the others made themselves comfortable. I pulled Mike into the hot shower, covering us in water as we kissed and teased each other, washing each others body as we did, my pussy getting as wet from his touches as from the water running from the shower. After about 20 minutes of playing and enjoying the warm water Mike pushed me against the wall and lifted me up so he could slide his huge cock slowly into my soaked pussy, fucking me slowly and gently as the water gushed over us. He thrust in and out, fucking me harder and harder with every stroke until finally he filled me again with his cum. We leant against the wall of the shower for a while until both of us had recovered before getting out and drying each other. Finally we retired to bed, a bed I shared that night with Mike and Dave, the others had sorted themselves out in the other rooms. I drifted off to sleep between the two of them wandering if day 2 would be as good as day 1!