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My husband James was filling me with his hard cock taking long slow strokes and talking at the same time. “Jen, I’d love to have you fuck other guys and tell me about it after”. This has often been the subject of his fantasies and frankly, it stirs me up as well.

The idea of having sex with strangers has appealed to me for some time and I’m about to consider ways and means to make it come true.

But first, the job at hand. I had already cum three times by his expert mouth ravishing my pussy and fucking me in several positions. So, I thought it was time to return the favor.

I felt him start to stiffen and for this session, I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I slid off of his cock and quickly made my way to his cock. The taste of his pre-cum blended with my own pussy juice is something I always savor. I wasted no time using my mouth perfect stokes to bring him off. Again he started to stiffen, and unloaded wave after wave of hot cum in my waiting mouth. I couldn’t contain it all and some escaped my mouth and dripped down my chin. I wiped my chin with my finger and stuck it my mouth not wanting to waste any.

I then proceeded to clean my husbands cock until he was limp in my mouth. After a few minutes I climbed up to his face and gave him a quick kiss. He always has a quirky grin on his face when I do that, but doesn’t say whether he likes it or not.

The next day I considered how I could best have sex with different men and at the same time keep the relationships sport-sex and not get personal. Friends and neighbors were to be off limits as I didn’t want to have guys show up and try to screw up the relationship I enjoyed with my husband. James and I had moved to a bigger city about three years ago and kept pretty much to ourselves. Most of my work I do from my home and have very little contact with people so I should be able to have my fun and not run into people I know.

The Idea of hanging around smoke filled bars and getting picked up was ok, but why not take a more organized route. After looking through the yellow pages I discovered several escort agencies so I decided to contact a few to see what was expected. My fourth call was promising and an interview was arranged with a lady who goes by the name of Tory.

At this stage I thought it best to let James know what I was up to. When he got home I sat with him and talked. “Honey, I have an appointment to see a lady with an escort service tomorrow. If you don’t feel right about it, now is the time to say so.”

“I feel fine with it” he said “You know I always go on about your playing with other men and I’m looking forward to it. But you must tell me all the details when you get home. You have all the great looks and body men would die to get their hands on. Go have some fun”

“I’ll tell you every thing, you know that! It’s the same as the details I told you of my adventures before we started dating. They were fun and I’m also looking forward to having some new stories to tell you about.”

The interview went well with Tory. Although she had specific plans, I made it clear I would make myself available on my terms. I would likely call her once every two weeks or so and didn’t want her calling me. At first she didn’t like the idea of my controlling the times I would work, but in the end it gave her one more person once and a while and she agreed. We worked out the financial details and I was off.

A few days later James was off to meetings the better part of a week and I was getting a little horny and decided to put the plan in action. I called Tory and it wasn’t two hours before I got my instructions to a good hotel in town.

I selected some sexy cloths and made my way by taxi to the hotel and easily found the room. This was the moment of truth so I put on a smile to try to hide my nervousness. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a rather handsome gentleman in his thirties.

“Hi my name is Jen and I’m here as your date.”

“Well, you’re exactly what I had in mind. Please come in. My name is Brad. And this is my friend Rob.” He pointed at the other side of the room, which was partly hidden from the door.

“Oh no” I said. This wasn’t supposed a threesome, I must leave” and I started to turn.

“Please don’t” pleaded Brad, “You’re beautiful and I’ll ask Rob to get his own date if you’ll just stay.” He passed me a bundle of cash which I knew was more than the expected amount. I put the money in my purse and walked back in the room.

Well I came this far and he and his friend were cute, so I decided to stay for a drink to see what happened. “Ok I think I need a drink. Do you mind?”

Rob quickly jumped up and got whatever they were drinking and I took a sip and tried to settle down. After at while I got up and walked over to Brad who was sitting on the bed. He got up and gave me a passionate kiss that made my head spin. I wasn’t sure what to make of Rob who sat quietly in the chair, but Brad was starting to press the right buttons. I could feel his cock harden when he pressed against me as if to dance.

“I’d like to undress you Jen” Brad said as he started to do just that. He slowly unbuttoned my blouse the slipped it off very carefully all the while locked in a deep French kiss. Next he reached around and unzipped my skirt which fell gracefully to the floor. The bra wasn’t long after and he played with my breasts and delicately pinched my nipples. I hade no problem responding to is expert touch and found myself getting wet and ready for action.

By now Rob had his cock out and jerking it while watching the show not six feet from him. His seven or so inches would come in handy a bit later on.

My panties were getting wetter and rather than remove them Brad gently put me on the bed and moved his head closer to my pussy. He buried his head between my legs and started licking through the fabric. This was driving me crazy and I could hardly wait for him to stick that tongue on my clit. Just as I had the thought, he slipped my panties off and dove in with a vengeance. After a few minutes I could no longer hold back. “Brad, I going to cum….OH OH press hard on my clit. Yes, yes….I’m Cummmmming…Oh yes!” After he knew his efforts had paid off he slowly kept licking up my juices and would stick his tongue in my pussy as far as it would go. Oh what a feeling!

After I recovered a bit, I motioned for him to stand so I could get at his cock. He quickly undressed, but kept his jocks on, so I started to message his growing member and actually licked at the wet spot formed by his pre-cum. His jocks didn’t stay on long as I couldn’t wait much longer to get a real taste. He was about six inches long and as hard as a post. So I began to work some magic with my mouth. I could take all of him down my throat and often felt his balls tapping on my chin. Suddenly, I knew he was about to cum so I placed my figures between his ass cheeks and caressed his butt hole as he was about to let go.

“Jen, I’m going to cum right now. OH SHIT YESSSS!!!” He blasted a hot load on cum and hit the back of my throat and I kept him there and jerked as much as I could out of that poor man. It was wonderful and I continued to clean him up until he sat down on the bed to recoup.

Savoring the moment I almost forgot his pal Rob still sitting in the chair stroking is cock. Pre-cum was all over his fingers and just as I started to make my way over to him, he put a couple of fingers to his lips and gave then a devilish lick. Brad was facing the other way so obviously this was for my benefit only.

As soon as I got to him and grabbed his hand and inserted about three of his fingers in my mouth to cop a taste and to show I approved. He had been jerking himself for some time now and I expect he was ready to drop a load as soon as possible. “How would you like to cum Rob?” I said as I looked him in the eye.

“All over you face sweet lady” he responded. “I hope we get to keep you long enough to fuck tonight?”

“As long as you’re up to it, I'm yours. Now stand up let me jerk you off all over my face.” He stood and I grabbed his hard cock and jerked it for all I was worth. He lasted longer than I expected. It took a couple minutes but it well worth the effort.


He shot his cream all over my face, some in my mouth, my cheeks, forehead and hair. He must have been saving it for weeks. It was great.

Rob sat back in the chair and I turned my attention to Brad who had a big grin on his face. He had a towel in his hands for me to clean up with. I just tap dried so I could continue to feel and smell the great cum I worked so hard for.

Brad was still soft when I got to him, so went down on him to bring him back to attention. It just tool a few minutes and he was hard and ready for some serious fucking. He got between my legs and slide is cock in my wet pussy and started slow deep strokes.

“It’s time to fuck me hard Brad. Pound that big cock in me. Make me cum” with those simple instructions he started to give it to me. My feet were by my head and he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I came two times in the ten minutes it took before he grunted and shot is cum deep inside my pussy. He slide off me and curled into a ball on the bed. I think he was done for the night.

Rob wasted no time. He was already hard and ready. He took me by the hand to the other bed, looked to see what Brad was doing. I think he was sleeping. So it was just Rob and I. I started to feel Brad’s cum oozing out of my pussy a bit and thought Rob may want sloppy seconds. That was fine with me. He pushed me on the bed and started to kiss me the play with my nipples the lick my face and lips. I’m sure he could taste his own cum and I found that a real turn on. He worked is way to my tits then no to my belly and down to my thighs. Finally, we had his head between my legs and started to lick my pussy with a mission to clean up Brad’s cum. His tongue was long and I could feel it deep in my pussy. Just knowing he was doing that was driving crazy. I came for about the sixth time. After Rob was done he looked up and said “You didn’t expect me to fuck a pussy full of some else’s cum did you?” We both laughed out loud.

With that he rolled he over and fucked me doggy style for what seemed like two hours. I finally felt him stiffen and he removed his cock just before and came to shot all over my ass and back. The warm cum felt good and he proceeded to message my butt and back with his spent sperm.

Then, he spread out on the bed and thanked me for the greatest sport-sex of his life and I got dressed and let myself out.

In the cab ride home, I began to recall the events of the evening and could hardly wait for my husband to get home so I share this story with him.

Wow, am I lucky or what?