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Before I start let me tell you a little about my wife Judy. She is petite, only five feet. But, she is very shapely. She is 110 pounds and has 34C tits. We were invited by friends to stay at a nudist resort. We had a great day in the sun and later had dinner and went to the dance. It seemed a little unusually to be sitting in a restaurant nude, but it was quite enjoyable. After the dance we went back to our room and got two glasses of wine and headed for the hot tub. We were in the hot tub and Judy was rubbing my shoulders. We were drinking wine and there were one other couple and three other men in the tub with us. All of us naked. We ran out of wine so I left to get some more. When I got back to the tub Judy was rubbing the shoulders of one of the men. Her naked body was pushed up against his back as she rubbed. It was obvious that Jim was pushing back into her to get the full enjoyment of the body contact. She said his name was Jim and he had watched her rub my back and said how good it must have felt. So she was rubbing his.

I sat on the edge of the tub as the two of them came over to me. Jim had his legs straddling Judy's and his hands were rubbing the inside of her thighs. I couldn't tell just how high they were getting. Judy didn't even seem to notice nor mind. He moved his hand further up. It was obvious where it was. I was ecstatic as I watched a man fondle my wife for the first time.

Somehow the conversation changed and we ended up walking to our rooms for more wine. Judy walked between us. In the room Judy took her robe off and sat on the floor where Jim was sitting naked. I got us some wine and sat on the couch. Jim was already leaning against Judy. He was rubbing her thigh and leg as we talked. I was in my glory! Here my wife was laying naked on the floor with a naked man. Judy got up to go to the bathroom. While she was gone Jim asked me how far he could go with her. I said as far as she wanted to.

Judy came back from the bathroom and sat next to Jim again. She nearly sat on top of him. Music was on and she was swaying to it. She leaned over to get her wine glass from the floor and Jim kissed her ass as she stretched. It was a long, lingering kiss that ended with a lick of his tongue right up her crack. She looked over at him and just giggled and rolled over, exposing her front. It shocked me to see her do that, it was like an invitation. He leaned across her and slid his naked body on top of her naked body and they kissed passionately. Her bare tits were pressed against his bare chest and his dick was pressed against her. He was grinding into her and she was grinding back. I could see tongues darting in and out. It was the first time that I watched her kiss another man like so. He was hard and pushing against her.

A little harder and he would have been all the way in. She even spread her legs to invite him (another surprise for me). I was sure that they were going to start fucking. All he had to do was thrust a little as he was already there and she was practically asking him to do it. She had her legs spread like an invitation. He was hard and pushed right up against her cunt. Her legs spread even further; inviting him. She even lifted her ass up a little to accommodate him. She was asking him to fuck her without using words!!! The invitation couldn't have been any more clear. Jim started caressing her and they continued to kiss; he kept one arm around the back of her neck and the other across her ass, rubbing it and pulling her into his hard dick then he reached up, clasping her breast. I was watching a man fondle my wife. Judy was rubbing his ass while they kissed and pulling him against her body. The position they were in I couldn't tell for sure if he had entered her all the way. If he hadn't he was certainly very close because the tip was in! I thought that he had and I was going crazy.

After they kissed he sat up and she laid her head across his lap and he continued to rub her naked ass and hip; running his hand between her legs. I could see the tip of his dick and it was wet with her juices. She lifted her hips just slightly...another passive invitation while we continued to talk. I was breathing harder than he was! We were talking about us going to Spain. Jim was almost laying down on his back and Judy was sort of laying on his belly. Her mouth was just inches from his uncircumcised dick that was nearly fully erect and shiny wet from her juices. She was rubbing the inside of his thighs right up to his balls. Her hands were actually rubbing against them. His dick was not fully erect, but was getting there again. If he had gotten a little harder she would have had it in her mouth. She could have stuck her tongue out and licked it; she was that close to it. She kept looking right at it as she was rubbing his inner thighs. She was blowing hot air across the tip of his dick. He was rubbing her ass up to her cunt with one hand. I thought that I was going to cum!!!

Somebody suggested that we go to the sauna, so off we went. There, Judy laid next to Jim. It was like they were the partners and I was the third person. After the sauna we headed for Jim's rooms. There, we had some more wine. Again, I was on the sofa where I had a good view of the two of them on the floor. Judy had her robe on now, but it was opened in the front. We were talking about sex and things. Jim had his hand between her legs; rubbing. She squeezed her legs together with his hand between them right on her cunt. They laid there facing each other and caressing each other when Judy said that she wanted to lay on the bed in the bedroom. I really got excited at the idea. I couldn't believe that she was asking this man to take her into his bed! I knew that my fantasy was going to come true! She got to the bed and laid down. Jim was on one side and I was on the other. I was trying to untie her robe and Jim had his hand inside between her legs again. He seemed to like that spot and Judy didn't seem to mind. I couldn't be sure, but I think he had all his fingers inside her; Judy was moaning and grinding herself into his hand. He brought his other hand up and put it over one of her exposed breasts. He had her nipple between his thumb and finger. She was still grinding her hips against his other hand. His dick was hard by then. At this point Jim and I were caressing her all over and were getting ready to make love to her. I was still trying to untie the knot and Jim was caressing her breast and kissing her neck and shoulders and breast on his side.

He was laying fully beside her now. One leg over her leg. His hard dick pressed against her thigh. She was rubbing his stomach and pubic area. She didn't grab his dick, but, she did caress it and play with his balls. As I was working her knot I asked her if she was ready to get fucked. She just grinned at me then at Jim and grinded her hips all the harder into his hand and made a sound like "Mmmmmmm." I was rubbing her breast and playing with the tie on her robe. Her robe was fully open. Jim continued to rub her cunt up and down. I could see how wet it was. He kept pushing with his fingers and they kept going out of sight; deeper and deeper. I was sure that he was fingering her...she was moaning and loving it. I thought to myself here it comes!!! It was then that Judy suddenly decided that we had to go back outside.

Jim stayed in his apartment frustrated, I'm sure, as we head out the door. He closed the door and I asked her what happened. She said that we had to leave before she went too far. I told her that he had already played with her tits, fingered her and had his dick pressed up and nearly inside here. I told her that I wanted to watch him fuck her and go down on her and I wanted to watch her suck his dick. She looked and me and asked if I was sure that was what I wanted. I said yes and she turned around and knocked on his door. When he answered she dropped her robe and knelt down right there in the doorway and took his soft dick in her mouth and started to play with his balls. They were standing right there in the doorway. It was well after midnight and nobody was out; if there had been they couldn't help but see. As he got harder she pull back and I watched his shiny dick sliding in and out of her mouth. He had both his hands on the back of her head as she sucked and licked his dick and balls.

She then stood up and took his hand and they headed for the bedroom. I walked inside and closed the door and followed. She laid on the bed. He laid on top of her and they were kissing passionately. She pushed his shoulders down indicating what direction he was to go in. He kissed her neck and sucked her nipples that were harder than I had ever seen. He worked his way down and started to suck and lick her. She looked over at me and had this look in her eyes that drove me crazy! She started to bite her lip and pump her body into his face. I knew she was about to cum. As she arched up and came she tried to keep eye contact with me but she lost it as she moaned and pushed up into Jim's face.

After she came he slid up her body. I could see the stain on the bed from her juices and his saliva. I was rock hard; so was Jim. He slid right into her and she again looked at me to see if I was okay. She smiled as he started to pump. She kept looking at me as she was being fucked by another man. She was pulling his ass to bring him closer in her and brought her legs up so I could watch the thrusts. They rolled over and she sat up and arched back and I had a good view as she rode him up and down. She was rubbing her clit as he fucked her. She came in a powerful orgasm. Jim still hadn't cum. They rolled around in bed some more and he was back on top of her. He started to fuck her really hard and he started to stiffen. When he came Judy's eyes were wide open looking at me and smiling. It was as if she was saying "are you happy now?"

And I was.

Jim rolled off of her and I watched his juices mixed with hers as they flowed from her. Judy said that she wanted me to fuck her but she wanted Jim to watch me fuck her in the ass. She rolled over, put a pillow under herself and spread his juices around her asshole. I knelt in front of her and pressed slowly as I entered. She looked over at Jim and told him that I was doing this for the first time and she wanted him to watch. It only took a few strokes before I came. We laid there for few minutes with me on her back. She asked if I was happy. I didn't respond. I just pushed my semi-hard dick further into her ass and said "what do you think?"

We left Jim's and head back to our rooms. She walked naked with cum juices running down her leg. When we got to our room we fucked for the rest of the night. I enjoyed the feel of her cum-filled cunt.

We slept in the next day. Early afternoon we found ourselves laying in deck chairs by the pool. It was a beautifully sunny day. It felt great to be nude and soaking up the sun. I particularly enjoyed watching the guys finding ways to walk close to us and admiring Judy. After a bit Jim showed up and took a chair next to Judy. He was naked and looked well after our long night together. We chatted a little about last night. He told us that he woke up so horny that he almost called over to our room and asked for a repeat of last night. I told him that he should have called, Judy would have been glad to come back over and accommodate him. Judy told him that we fucked all night until I was too beat to continue. She said that she had been still turned on when we finally quit and went to sleep. It was a turn on to listen to her because she never swears or talks openly about sex. It was like I had a different person with me. She talked about me fucking her in the ass and that we should have given him a chance to experience it. Nearly every sentence included the word fuck or some other graphic detail of our sex together.

Jim asked what we were doing this afternoon. I told him that I planned to lay there and soak up some sun and recover. Judy wanted to go for a swim so Jim asked her to go with him. I watched them for a bit in the water. They kinda hooked up with some other couples and were engaged in what seemed like some serious conversation. They were drinking cocktails and having a great time. Again, it was like they were the couple; anybody watching would have thought that they were.

I was semi dozing off when I looked up and they were standing over me. They were holding hands and Judy asked if I would mind if she went back to Jim's room with him. I told her to go for it and have fun, but, I wanted all the details. Jim said that if I decided to come over to just walk in. I stayed by the pool for an hour or so and decided to go and check in on Judy. I went over to Jim's and walked into the front room. I could hear them in the bedroom and went on in. Judy was straddling Jim's dick and riding him. She was thrusting up and down and he was squeezing her nipples. I stood there watching my wife fuck this man we have only known for a day. Her back was to me so she didn't see me standing there. She reached up and grabbed Jim's hand and made him squeeze her tits harder and she was really grinding into him. I could tell that she was on the verge. She was telling him to fuck her harder and she was almost in a frenzy. I have never seen her like this. She was like a stranger. A very sexy and sensual stranger. I watched as his dick slid into my wife's cunt again and again. It was shiny with their juices and I could hear her ass slapping against his thighs.

I could smell the sex in the room. It wasn't long before she came; she grabbed the bed sheets and pulled and twisted them. When she was through she leaned forward into his chest and kissed him passionately. She rolled into his arms and saw me. She smiled the biggest smile I've seen in a long time. She told me that I should have been there. Jim had taken a Viagra pill earlier and seemed to stay hard. After the show I just saw he was still fully erect. She said that she was glad that I was there because she wanted Jim to fuck her in the ass and she didn't want to do it unless I could watch. She said that first she needed some more wine. Jim got up to get it and I climbed onto the bed next to her and started to kiss her. I told her that I had been watching her with Jim and that it was a fantastic show and that she had really turned me on. She took my rock hard dick in her hand and kissed the tip then took it into her mouth. I was laying on the bed and she was kneeling between my legs. Jim came in and set the wine on the side table and climbed on the bed. He came up behind Judy and slid his dick into her cunt and was fucking her doggy style while she gave me a blow job. He was telling her that once it was nice and juicy he was going to stick his dick up her ass and fuck her like she had never been fucked before.

I could see his dick sliding in and out as I looked down between her swinging tits. I watched him pull all the way out and adjust his position to enter her ass. She adjusted herself to give him better access. As he started to push Judy looked right at me. I was so turned on! She was taking another man's dick in the ass and looking wantonly at me. She stiffened a little and he penetrated deeper but she never took her eyes off of me. When he was all the way in she stopped sucking me and inched her way up my body. He was riding her like a dog caught in a bitch. She was up to my face and I thought that she was going to kiss me, but, instead she had her face inches from mine with her eyes glued to mine as he thrust into her. She was grinding into me as he was riding her. She took my face in her hands and looking me in the eyes asked me it this made me happy. I didn't say a word I just pressed my rock hard dick against her and she smiled. Jim was getting close to cumming. Judy continued to concentrate on looking into my eyes. As Jim started to cum she kissed me and whispered the he was cumming in her ass. She slid down on me and my dick slid into her cunt. It was a strange feeling because I could feel Jim's dick in her ass. She didn't ride me. She just laid there looking at me and let Jim's motion do the work for both of us. What a sensation!!! I blew my load while Jim was still pumping away. I was surprised that Judy didn't cum. I asked her later and she said that all her focus was on pleasing me.

Jim pulled out and I could feel his warm juices flow across my balls. He laid on the bed beside us and Judy rolled over between us. The two of them seemed totally exhausted. They must have been fucking the entire time I was at the pool. Later Judy would tell me about it. We still relive the experiences often when we are in bed.

Jim was leaving in the morning for where ever he called home (I don't recall). We agreed to meet later in the evening for drinks and whatever. Judy and I headed for our rooms. She wrapped a towel around her waist as we walked. It was bright daylight and she was concerned that somebody would notice the cum running down her legs. We got to our room and were fucking almost immediately. It wasn't a rushed time, though. While I was inside of her she was telling me what went on and how she felt. She agreed that she really enjoyed the attention and the sex. She said that she most of all enjoyed knowing that she was doing something that really pleased and turned me on. We agreed that this experience changed our lives and lifestyle and that there would be more and greater adventures. She was hooked and so was I.. If the upcoming night with Jim was any indication I was in for a great sexual enlightenment!