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Loni’s shapely ass was sticking in the air. It glistened with the slime coating of cum from the puddle she had been soaking in. WB wiped his rock hard staff across her buttocks, using the jizz for lubricant. When the end of the black pole was covered and dripping with my wife’s copious pussy emissions, he aimed it at her snatch.

My bride was looking back over her shoulder, biting her lower lip. She was actually whimpering in preparation of the assault. The coal spear was at its 23 inch glory. The tiny teen girl, and at 5’2” tall and 85 pounds it was hard to imagine a girl smaller, braced for impact. She spread her knees slightly in her ‘all fours’ position to give more stability.

Loni’s young hips were not quite as wide as a basketball, so when that phallus the size of a fence post nuzzled between her legs it looked impossible. The trucker put his hands around my bride’s waist. The giant mitts crossed thumbs at the base of her back, wrapped around and the fingers laced completely together over her navel.

Loni screamed hellishly as the monster pushed into her pussy from behind. He didn’t stop however, until the spasming pussy closed over his helmet.

“AAAHHHHHHHHHHH! IT FEELS BIGGER LIKE THIS!” My girl was having serious trouble handling the doggie style position. She wasn’t able to open her legs as far, and the torpedo was as thick as ever.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” The nigger put a hand on the back of her head, palming it really, and shoved her into the cum puddle on the mattress. Loni hadn’t had a chance to take a breath, and sucked in a mouthful of their mixed sperm. She was held under, her mouth and nose below the surface. He meant to drown her in their semen!

He shoved at her, and 2 more inches plied inside. Loni’s hips and legs convulsed at the intrusion. What would have been a squeal of pain was just bubbles in the cum pool that splashed in her eyes. He was as deep now as he had been earlier, and began to remorselessly pump in and out. I thought he might just pull her pussy right out of her because it was literally that tight.

He fucked and rutted into her. My wife was beating her hands in desperation on the mattress, drowning in a few inches of thick gooey cum. Her pretty faced made a depression in the somewhat impermeable sleep mat, forming a bowl that filled with the fresh jizz. She couldn’t eat it fast enough to lower the level to a point to save her from drowning.

Now deeper the convict forced, a 5th and 6th inch of black pole. Now a 7th. He had seen to it that Loni kept her promise to take him deeper, even if it killed her. The fuck went on, 7 inches pounding and stretching her where my honey had never before been touched. My love’s arms stopped flailing as a last group of bubbles came to the surface of the thick cum. Her hips and legs continued to involuntarily jerk and kick. It dawned on me that her body was climaxing, had been for some time. Loni was orgasming and cumming even after falling unconscious! Her body went on and on without her!

WB accelerated his fucking, getting ready to finish as well. I pondered whether he would bother to pull out or just fill my wife’s young fertile womb. I worried that she would become pregnant, even though it didn’t appear she was even alive any more. It was no longer necessary to hold the child’s head down as her form was now limp. Her face and hair mopped up the splooge as his thrusts shoved her forward and dragged her body back. WB again put both his hands back around her slim waist.

Below her waist it was a different story. Loni’s long sexy legs clenched and kicked, and I swear her hips were bucking back at her assailant. Another flood of my bride’s cum jetted out her pussy in high pressure streams. Stretched so tight by the massive cock, her cunt fired her girl goo across the compartment. Spray after spray of it, so much! The little girl’s lungs were drowned in semen juice, but her body was still sexing. The black obliged her climax by fucking harder, so that her umpteenth orgasm was extended until more than 10 fluid ounces of Loni’s baby sauce had geysered out.

WB was sweating profusely now, working towards his second cap of the morning. Squeezing her waist like a vise he used his thick powerful arms to pull her back onto his jackhammer. His sinewy legs and hips pile drove twitching cock into her flopping body. My wife began another orgasm, or I should say her stretched cunt did. The nigger didn’t notice her now; he was clenching his face as his load moved through the center of his dick meat. I was sure I could see the sperm progress. There was a slight swelling in the already incredible girth as the sperm pushed its way down the 23 inch length. Veins already throbbing grotesquely were pushed out farther in relief resembling angry vines as the load moved past. The swelling extended closer and closer to my teen betrothed.

Even after reaching half way, there was still no back end to the cum load expanding the length of his cock. It must be a half gallon flowing down that pipeline! He continued to fuck Loni’s slight frame. Clearly bottoming out at 7 inches, her body rocked forward each time he pounded to that depth. He was knocking on her womb, and about to come in!

The nigger grunted like an animal. His cum bulge was only 5 inches away from my bride’s body. I watched it approach her tight body like a subway train through a tunnel. The seed had no chance of missing, a direct highway to my beloved’s center. 2 inches to go, almost there. As it passed within her I let out a defeated groan. Then it occurred to me there were yet 7 inches of pipe within her it must travel. I’m sure I will notice when it exits his cockhead, his pleasurable climax would be violently evident I was certain. Seconds passed, and I knew the moment of my bride’s impregnation was at hand.

The beast howled and wildly thrust fucked his ejaculation into my girl. He pounded home for nearly 5 minutes before pulling out. From the gaping hole of her pussy, more than 2 inches wide, I could see several inches down her stretched open vaginal tunnel. Thick clumpy sperm gushed out of her for more than 2 minutes, and continued to run and drip out in gooey streams after that time.

Almost in afterthought, WB flipped her over on her back. Loni wasn’t breathing and her face was a mask of splooge and juice. He punched her hard in her tiny belly. Then another punch. Loni spit up slimy cum, it splashed out her mouth to add to the mess already all over her lips, cheeks, and chin. Another punch elicited a desperate inhale from the girl. Some more effort had her breathing somewhat regularly, but she didn’t wake up.

The black dipped his cock in her mouth, and then tried to wipe it in a dry spot of her long hair. He dressed and moved up to the driver seat, leaving my field of view. I was left with an overhead panorama of Loni lying on her back on a mattress that was now a gooey swamp of semen. Her face was splattered and coated in white sex sauce; her big tits were coated with cum. My bride’s legs were spread wide and long, a steady thick flow of clumpy pregnant potion oozed from her tiny cunny. She was unconscious but I saw that her ribcage expanded with slight breaths. My dear was far away in after sex la-la land.

I watched and watched, but the cum inside her continued to slowly drip out of her. Twenty minutes and it was still running. My love was pregnant! As much cum that I had breaking apart my scrotum it had been another who had given her a baby! I tried to make out her pretty face underneath the sperm facial mask, and was semi able to recognize my wife. Her eyes closed, mouth slightly open, totally pregnant.

I cut the connection, hanging up our phones. It was nearly noon!

I wedged my stiff 4 incher into a business suit and hurried to work. A few hours swept by but I couldn’t concentrate. I’m sure my bosses were completely pissed at me. At the end of the day I sneaked out of the building, managing to avoid any confrontations about my non-productivity. The drive home was harrowing. I had forgotten the vidphone…had Loni called?

It was after 7 PM when I rushed in the front door to check for messages, there were none. Again there was no real dinner for me, another scrounged up cold cut sandwich was my first food of the day. My nervousness was such I was not hungry for that. Lack of food and sleep had me dizzy. Watching some footage of her prior calls would have me alert, but I was likely to ejaculate just looking at Loni getting banged. When would she be home?

10 PM and she still hadn’t called, I couldn’t take it any longer. I dialed her.

Several rings later Loni’s face appeared on my phone and the big screen. She was bent over, getting fucked from behind again. His thrusts catapulted her forward terribly, her hair flailing. It was impossible for her to hold the phone steady, nearly dropping it in fact. Her face was contorted, her eyes kept drifting up in their sockets. My bride looked like she was wasted on drugs. In a sense she was, that 23 incher pushing her over the edge over and over.

Loni couldn’t rightly focus to look at me, but she must have known I was on the line.

“My God! My God! He’s fucking me!!” Wet noises echoed in the back of the tractor trailer. She grimaced as each stroke struck bottom inside her.

“He’s Fucking Me!! He’s so deep! God it’s…So… Big!” I tried to say something to her but she started screaming, her eyes rolling all the way back in her sockets…showing only her eye whites. Loni climaxed like a tsunami, shaking, quaking, and screaming. The phone dropped but landed so that I had a picture of her getting pounded from behind. My girl passed out, her body went limp.

WB kept on jamming his black log up inside her at a ferocious pace. He used one hand to pick up her upper body by the hair. This gave me a great view of her volleyball tits bouncing in time with his fuck thrusts. Had he done that for my benefit? My balls were killing me. Then he busted inside her already ballooned out pussy. His cries of pleasure and body jerks testament to his blinding climax. God how it must feel to plow her little body! How tight was her cunt around his cock? The black collapsed on top of her, covering her and crushing her. His pole still planted between her legs.

He managed to reach around her ribs to grab handfuls of her tits before drifting asleep right there lying on top of my wife. I watched them slumber for a few minutes then hung up.

I twisted and turned in my sleep, seeing over and over again my beautiful young mate being inseminated by her ebon behemoth. It was bestiality what he did to her. Plain and simple rutting. He used her tiny body for his own pure pleasure, over and over.

I awoke at 3 AM in a fit of terror. Right now, as I lay alone in our bed staring at our LCD clock on the bed stand, my wife was miles away…and pregnant. My small cock was hard with a morning erection. I doubted if it would go down at all this day, such was my sexual deprivation. Fortunately my size was so minimal that I might be able to disguise it with tight underwear and still go about in public.

Unable to return to the awful semi-sleep that had plagued me since I had lost my wife to a passing Negro trucker, I simply watched the hours tick by. The vidphone was silent nearby, my only link to my betrothed. It occurred to me that Loni no longer called when they were going to have sex. I had rung her right near the end of their coupling last night. They were fucking whenever they wanted and Loni no longer thought to call me. The dawn arrived and I still hadn’t slept. As I dressed for work Loni’s words filled my brain. “His cock is always rock hard in the morning.” She had said to me. Right at this moment, parked beside some highway, the black was plowing into my tiny wife like a jackhammer. And she was screaming her head off, and cumming and cumming and cumming. I shaved and was out the door to an early start at the office. The vidphone seemed at once heavier and hot to the touch, as if the raw violent sex on the other side of it conducted through. My balls were now each bigger than my penis. Two hard baseballs that I had to wince with each time I sat down, the slightest compression shooting pain through me. The man with my wife had no such problem, his seed flowed freely…directly into and onto my beloved several times a day!

As I pulled into the corporate parking lot, I could no longer resist. I called Loni on the vidphone. It rang and rang but there was no answer. Now parked in my reserved space, the car off, I sat there. Then I remembered the walkie-talkie feature! Finding the obscure side button, I connected to her phone without her having to pick up. While the screen lit up slowly, my car was immediately filled with loud grunting. I could hear my bride rasping out desperate breaths in a ragged rhythm. She would cry out at times. “Aahhh!” “Ooooh! Ughh!”

Their forms came into focus. Her vidphone was lying in a corner of the sleeper cab, only by my good fortune facing toward them. The nigger was poling her savagely from behind. Loni was on her hands and knees, facing nearly straight at me. Her brown volleyballs bouncing and glistening with sweat. Her eyes and face scrunched with each of the black’s inward cock strokes, he was taking her deep.

“Oh my God!” She gasped. “Ughh!”

As I watched, WB pulled her arms behind her back and held them together with one muscular hand. Loni’s darkly tanned tits pushed out farther now, with more of an arch to her back. The position didn’t look comfortable. With his other hand he raised her up by pulling her hair. I saw my sexy wife in all her glory, held before me by her long hair like a hunting trophy.

Beneath her rocking tits, her belly stretched out lean and tight. A serpent danced within her. The bulge of the black club fucking her distended grotesquely with each thrust. The shaft was as thick as my forearm, the head bigger than my fist. In her 5’2” and 85 lb. frame the visual was monstrous! No wonder she grimaced and convulsed with each fuck punch. So fit and trim were my honey’s abs, that the outline of her torment was perfectly clear. I could see, pushing her from within, the clear outline of the crown of his cockhead. Even some of the larger veins pulsing around his shaft could be seen inside her. The relief of his dick could even be seen to be throbbing!

WB twisted and angled his fucking, and the serpent inside my betrothed turned and poked to one side, then the other. He moved and rotated his fucks, stirring Loni’s insides like a cocktail. Her cries were of pain and rapture. The goliath angled backward, his cock pushing straight out, tenting Loni’s slight belly more and more and more. She cried in agony and shook, but with her hands pinned back there was nothing she could do. He pushed harder and it looked like a scene from the “Alien” movie! It was about to burst right out of her! He was going to slaughter my wife right in front of me! Had he had enough of her? Was this it?

He pulled back a bit, and the extrusion went down. The nigger started fucking her at this angle, his cock head bulging out from her clit (when he pulled nearly all the way out) to her belly button (on the in stroke). WB rose up on his knees, lifting Loni’s knees off the mattress due to the disparity in their height. Her torso held upright by her hair, her full weight (what there was of it) now fell straight down onto the cock jammed between her legs! Loni’s slender legs kicked for purchase, but couldn’t manage to alleviate the increased pressure crammed directly against her womb.

I saw that Loni had her high heels on. My balls clenched with the sight of those heels at the end of her long shapely legs.

WB bit into her neck, hard. Loni screamed in pain. He didn’t break her skin...yet. However he did lock onto a piece of her flesh and twist it in his mouth. All the while, he fucked her so that pain was tied together with another of her building orgasms. I realized he was conditioning her, training her mind to accept torture as part of intercourse.

He released her neck, the bruise raising darkly, his mark clear upon her.

“Do you want me to fuck you harder?”

Loni was unresponsive. The far away look in her eyes was testimony that she was riding up the wave of yet another rising climax. For a moment he released her head and open palm slapped Loni’s ass so hard it sounded like a whipcrack.


“I said, do you want me to fuck you harder…bitch!” By pitching his hips forward and back, he was able to continue fucking my wife. Another ass slap, harder this time!

“Aaaaa! Yes, God damn it, ugh, fuck me harder!” The third ass slap opened up streams of tears from Loni’s eyes. Indeed, his thrusts did turn more brutal, more forceful. Each causing by bride to exhale involuntarily. Her moans became deeper in pitch. Her pain filled face also took on signs of hunger as he jabbed her and speared deeper.

In fevered pain and rampant lust, Loni groaned out from her throat from the fuck assault she was getting. Saliva spit out her mouth and dripped over her lips. My bride’s small body rocked forward and back, her big round tits bouncing around in time to their hardcore sex.

“You my bitch?” He punctuated the question with a few especially savage thrusts.

“Ughh! Aaaaa!” Loni tried to make her mouth form a word but was unable. She was getting fucked deep…at least 8 inches of nigger meat was disappearing inside her. Maybe even a couple more inches than that, my view angle made it hard to judge. Where was it going? It was like a stage magic trick. ‘Watch the thick black pole skewer the little girl!’

Evidently her moans and cries of pain were not sufficient answer. The convict reached around with the hand that had broke blood vessels all over her ass and grabbed her right nipple. It took timing to snatch her balloon as they bound about in sexual frenzy. Taking the teen’s nipple in his fingers he squeezed it terribly. Maintaining the harsh, steady battery into her pussy, the nigger twisted it around in a full circle. Then he pulled on the big nipple, stretching it out more and more! When fully engorged, I had seen my love’s nipples out to nearly an inch. Now it was twisted and turned and tortured out more than 3 inches from her tight round tit.

Loni screamed out to shame Whitney Houston’s highest octave. Her head shook, but her hands were held fast behind her. The black clenched his teeth and fucked more viciously.

Loni’s little voice turned shockingly pornographic.

“AAghh! Fuck! Jesus, yes I’m your…Ughh!...slut! Aaaaa! Yes, I’m your bitch! Ughh! Fuck Me! Aaghh! Fuck Me Deep! Ughhh! Pound me! Aghhh! Slam that thing in me! Ughhh! I’m your cocksucking…Aahhhh!...cum eating…Ohhhhhh!...slave slut!” Loni was climbing the climax ladder again, and I could tell this was going to be a big one. Her convulsing body gave sign after sign this was going to be the tidal wave of her orgasms. Between her screams I could here the squishing that accompanied his strokes. Her box was sopping with pussy juice, it sounded like he was churning butter.

The trucker knew her well enough now to know when she passed the brink, when the crest was upon her and there was no stopping the explosions within her. Just as Loni started cumming, he pulled back his sinewy arm and open hand slapped across her tit. It sounded like a gunshot, so hard a strike on my baby’s breast.

Loni screamed, and came, screamed and came. The girl cum gushed out her pussy. He slapped and slapped as he fucked hard and deep. Her tit was smacked all over, most times a finger stinging across her nipple as well. Hand prints burned redly, overlapping as he went on. Gouts of high pressure wife cum shot out of the impossibly tight fit of the cock in her pussy. One such stream of Loni’s grayish-white baby sauce landed straight upon the vidphone. My picture was at once coated with my betrothed’s cum. It was thick and creamy. The scene beyond was now tinted a cummy hue. I thought to myself that I just had to replay that cumshot in slow motion when I got home tonight.