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It had been about two weeks since I had last caught my wife by accident in bed with a neighbor down the road. This neighbor happened to be my boss from work. We were married for 27 years before this accident occurred. I had unexpected come straight home early from work. I usually work in my cubical till 6:30 to 7 pm. each night after being there for a minimum of 10 hours each day Monday thru Friday with an occasional five hour day Saturday morning.

I had left due to being caught up for the first time in about a year and had left to take my wife out for a surprise evening. Well the surprise was on me. The portly gentleman she was banging was really going after her goodies when I opened the front door and hear the cries of passion coming from the far end of the house. My stomach cinched up in knot after the first sounds heard from standing in by the front door. I made up my mind to slowly close the door too and not shut it. I had to see for my eyes what my wife was up to and hopefully make a decision on way or the other. I had the gut feeling that my life was going for a new direction if I wanted it or not. I slowly made my way from the living room and started down the hallway.

The sounds only increased the closer I crept. The bedroom door that we shared was at the end on the right. Across the hallway was the bathroom that the family had shared early in the marriage.

At least the children would not see all this due to them all moving out of the house two years back. My wife Jenny and I had five children together, with the youngest of 20 years old. Adam had moved out and left for college back East when he had turned 18. It was now a relief to me that only I knew what big problems our marriage faced.

I did not want others yet to know because I needed the time to process the current possible unforgivable actions that my loving wife was committing. I wanted to think about what I might need to do to strike back if necessary. If it had been a secret before then it was my duty to keep it so as for the possible revenge to be greater.

The closer I stepped the more solid the incrimination of the evidence that I heard.

"Oh, God,... that is so wonderful. Do it like that, but slower. You are the best fuck. I feel so full. Faster baby, much faster. Oh, OH OH OH OOOOOOHHHHHH. Fuck me harder you big ole pale prick. Damn it do me harder now."

Her words just kept on and on. Minute after minute. Driving that knife of infidelity idea deeper into my heart and soul. Was it giving me pause to take her back. Hell yes. I did not know if I wanted her back after hearing her. I knew the final proof would be seeing her for my own eyes, once and for all. For all that I knew, they could have been back there in our bedroom, on my bed, performing a play. This play would have been located in the act called infidelity.

I always had a bitter taste of dislike for any of my friends that I had found out had ever cheated on their spouses. It was very hard to think of someone from my long list of friends and not remember the best of times with them. It was only if they had ever cheated with someone else that my thoughts of friendship headed to locked gate within my heart of sorrow.

I had to pause at the opening to our bedroom. The door was pulled to but not shut. I slowly turned the handle and pushed the door ajar. I could look upon the mirror on our large bedroom dresser from the slight crack of an opening at the door. My nervous system was in for a shock. My wife was with my boss. He had left early that morning two hours after I had arrived at work. I had tried to get in touch with him around noon to press him on a path to go with a client but his secretary said that he could not be reached till Monday. Well if I had known what I knew now, I would have just called home to my wife to ask for him. What a joke to find this out, this late in life. Well the other surprise was what was sitting in a chair that I noticed for the first time after staring at them going after each other for more than a minute. The surprise was the other woman in the chair watching all the action. She was so engrossed with what was going on in the bed that I remained unnoticed in the background.

It was all that I could do to keep myself in check and slip into my son's room and find a hockey stick and come back and beat their bodies to mush. I needed my life back, I wanted my life back. I decided at that moment to fuck those that thought I might be a wimp for not going in and take the high road and roll over. Who would want to become a cuckold in their marriage and have a man or men take your meaning in life to live everyday at will and hold it hostage.

Not me.

I was not going to go in there and bust his balls either with a weapon like that. I wanted the choice for this fellows punishment to be quick and silent. I wanted the choice to be even deadly if I so wanted. As for my wife, I wanted her punishment to be a perment reminder of her mistake and for it to forever be etched on her body if possible. How could I do this at the same time in one blow. I also wanted that wife of my boss to have a little punishment if possible too. Why would some slut like that encourage her husband to take action to cause the breakup of a person's marriage. Most normal folks, male or female, would quickly divorce if they found their partner's in bed with someone else. I also wanted to gain back my self respect for all the debauchery actions had caused this evening. I slipped out from the doorway and back into the living room. I needed a walk to clear my head and to kill the time before I was scheduled to arrive for home that night in the next two hours. I guess that this had been going on for seven or eight months come to think about it. I would every now and then receive a phone call from my wife checking to see if I was now leaving work or when I was expecting to leave.

Sometimes she would call to add to my grocery list before I could come home. I guess my boss, his wife and my wife needed some extra time every now and then to get cleaned up without getting caught with me walking in on them going at it. The more I thought about it the more I was sick to my stomach for their demented actions. They were going to pay and pay dearly for the hurt that they had heaped on me. I just had to search to find the right gift the keeps on giving.

It took me only a week, but I searched hi and low on the internet until I found something new that I had never heard of before. It was a torpedo like device that when slipped into the cunt of a woman could be pushed all the way into the uterus. When a special long hex key was inserted into the device and cranked down, it would form something like an IUD birth control device and would not allow any semen to pass. It would clamp down in such a way that a my wife or her forbidden lover, could not remove it without that special key. The only way it could be removed from her body was only by surgery without the use of a key. A special feature besides clogging up her reproductive channel was when a guys penis hit the top of the device. Less than a dozen razor sharp needle like pins would pop out and spear the tip of the penis when the slightest bit of pressure was received to it after it was set by me. I thought about it a lot and I fully believed that was what my dear wife needed instead of a chastity belt. This was something that would keep her in line from now on. Only I now had to wait till my order arrived and a way to then insert it into my wife on my terms. Then and only then would I have my fun revenge on my cheating wife and then go after my boss and his woman.