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Lew had just finished fucking me hard and emptying his heavy load up my pussy. We were all taking a break to catch our breath and cool off a little. Will, Lew and Jim were leaning against the car. Will and Lew were still completely naked, their big cocks hanging between their legs. Jim was fully clothed and talking with them.

I picked the blanket off the ground and carefully folding it, laid it on the log to make a seat and sat down. The guys were all looking at me as I sat there topless. I still had my skirt on with garters, hose and heels. Jim liked me dressed like this so I kept everything on but panties, bra and blouse.

I sat there a few minutes enjoying the coolness of the evening air before deciding it was time to play some more! I pulled my ass off the log long enough to pull my skirt up around my waist and sat back down. I then spread my legs and leaned back exposing my dripping wet honey pot to the guys.

"I think she wants us" joked Will who I figured would be the horniest since he had cum first and then watched Lew fuck me and shoot his load.

"She's one hot little piece" Lew added as they strolled over toward me.

The both stood right in front of me and reaching out, I grabbed one big dick in each hand and began to stoke and pump them. I then leaned forward to take Lew's cock in my mouth to suck. I switched back and forth between the two cocks, sucking and playing. I got them both hard again and ready to fuck.

I pulled my mouth off their cocks and asked "okay guys, what do you want me to do?" "How do you want to fuck me?"

Will wasted no time and taking me by the hand, pulled me off the log and led me out to the middle of the clearing. "Bend over" he ordered. I smiled at him, gave him a kiss on the cheek and slowly turning, pulled my skirt up and bent over slightly.

"Grab your ankles" Will instructed. I bent down and took hold of my legs right above my ankles. I felt his hands rub my ass working their way to my sloppy wet pussy. I moaned as a finger slid past the pink lips of my hot cunt and started sliding in and out, finger fucking me.

I felt his hot breath against my crack and moaned as his tongue gently slid up and down my snatch. It felt wonderful as I wriggled my ass in his face. He reached underneath me and took one of tits in his hand and squeezed it, pinching my hard nipples.

After a few minutes of finger massaging my cunt and tits, Will stood up and grabbing me by the hips, shoved his long cock up my waiting cunt and I moaned with delight as he pushed it all the way in. Will rubbed the cheeks of my ass as he began a slow fucking rhythm. I continued to moan softly as Will's cock slid in and out of my wet hole.

"You like this don't you" will would say. "You like my cock up your hot, tight little cunt don't you?" He was getting into this dirty talk!

"Uh huh, oh god yes!" I hissed and began to rock backwards to meet his thrusts. "Oh fuck me, ram that cock up my cunt" I yelled at Will as his rammed his long cock in harder. He pumped harder and I would slam my ass back to meet each and every thrust. I couldn't believe that I was getting ready to cum again. I was a horny, wanton little slut and let me self go with no inhibitions.

I squealed with lustful pleasure and fairly yelled at Will to "harder baby, fuck that cunt harder, I'm cuuuummmmmmiiiiigggggg!" I let the word cumming stream out in a long loud squeal as my orgasm shook me senseless! I could hardly keep my balance as I shook and slammed my ass back against Will's cock.

Will held me tightly around the waist helping me to keep my feet as he kept up a steady pounding. My cunt convulsed and soaked his dick with a flood of clear female cum juice. Each time he slammed forward, I grunted and squealed again as another orgasm wracked my body with pleasure.

"God, you pussy is so hot" Will groaned which just spurned me on to even more fucking lust and I screamed for him to "fuck me, ram that G.D. cock up my cunt and fuck me!" I screamed, squealed and groaned as Will just hung on!

I must have scared Will because he slowed his pumping down a little and began to rub my ass as if to try to calm me down. I shook and jerked violently as the last of my orgasms subsided and left me so weak I almost fell over. If Will hadn't been holding me up, I probably would have.

Sensing I needed a rest to compose myself, he eased his long dick out of my twitching cunt and first turning me around to give me a hug, helped me over to the car to sit down.

I sat there noticing the guys were all quiet and looking somewhat puzzled. Finally coming to me senses, I laughed and said "god that was scary!"

With that the guys busted out laughing, more in relief than anything else I think.

"You had us worried there for a minute" Lew joked. "We thought Will was going to give you a heart attack!"

Jim smiled down at me and asked "are you alright?"

"Jeez guys, I just had multiple orgasms for the first time in my life and I thought I was going to faint!" "I'm okay now, really."

It suddenly dawned on me what I had said and my first thoughts were of Jim. What would he think? I mean, he had just witnessed his wife almost go crazy with animal lust, screaming and squealing like a banshee, yelling out obscene language while a strange man was fucking the shit out of her!

I softly called Jim to come over and I asked him if he was okay with everything. "Are you sure about this?" I looked at him lovingly. "I wouldn't hurt you for anything in the world Honey, you know that." I then grabbed the front of his shirt and pulling him down, kissed him passionately. I needed to know he was okay with me.

Jim gave me a big smile and assured me that he was okay. "Sweetie, I love you and I know that you're only doing this to please me" he said. "Besides, I'm a voyeur which means I like to watch." "The more you enjoy it, the more excited I get!" With that he grabbed my hand and laid it on the hard bulge in his pants. I felt moisture on the outside of his pants and knew that he had been so excited that he was oozing precum and soaking his pants.

I hugged him again and whispered in his ear "I guess I better get these guys off once more so we can get ready to leave."

Will and Lew were both sitting on the log taking a break and I walked over to stand in front of them. I bent over and gave each of them a quick kiss and then asked them how they wanted it? "I know you guys need some more of this pussy" as I turned around, hiked my skirt up and shook my ass in their faces.

I felt one of them reach out and squeeze my ass cheeks and then spread them to look at my thoroughly drenched and cum filled pussy. "Oh yea baby, that looks good" I heard will exclaim!

"You've got a nice little pussy baby" Lew added. "So smooth, hot and tight!"

They both used their fingers on my slick cunt, jabbing them in and out and rubbing my ass too. Four hands were working on my pussy, ass and then tits as one of them reached around to grab a tit to squeeze.

I couldn't believe that I was getting aroused again; especially after the orgasmic convulsions I had just experienced. But god help me, I was getting horny again and knew I would be able to get off again given the opportunity. Maybe it was the fact that we were out in the woods. I had always heard that fucking in the woods would make you more like an animal! Just pure basic animal lust!

The guys were rubbing, prodding and probing my cunt with their fingers while massaging my tits and it felt good.

"I think it's your turn" will said to Lew and getting off the log, Lew took me by the hand and led me over to the stump retrieving the blanket on the way. He spread the blanket on the stump laid me on it, my ass barely hanging off the edge. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and shoved his dick in me. The stump was just the perfect height allowing his cock to line up with my pussy perfectly.

He started building up a slow fucking motion, his cock easily sliding in and out of my slick horny snatch. My legs were over his shoulders around his neck and my ass was hanging in the air as he pumped and fucked my nasty cunt.

It didn't take him long to start feeling good though because in just a few minutes, his strokes got harder and his moans became louder. His hands were resting on the stump as he fucked me and with each forward thrust, he rammed in a little harder. He began to moan and make animal noises as he started slamming his cock in my well used cunt even harder. His huge nut sac was pounding my ass as he fucked.

He let out a loud grunt and with one last might shove, rammed his squirting cock home and held it there as it pulsed and throbbed sending stream after stream of gooey jizz up my cum filled hole. He would pull about halfway out and then ram it home again letting out a lout grunt each time spurting another stream of hot juice spraying the walls of my cunt.

"Oh yea baby" I cooed, "fill my pussy up; give me your hot seed!" He must have had more cum in his balls than the first time because it seemed as though he would never stop dumping his load up my cunt. But, he finally began to slow down.

I reached around his legs and underneath to grab his big ball sac to help milk out the last few drops. I squeezed them gently as he finally stopped pumping and slowly let his flaccid dick flop out of my hole.

As soon as the big purple knob plopped out, a virtual torrent of thick, white jizz gushed out. He pulled off of me to watch his seed drain back out of my cunt. It must have been some cream pie!

Will brought the towel over and I wiped off the best I could. I slid off the stump and gave Lew a big hug and kiss thanking him for a good fuck!

Looking over at Will I asked "now, how do you want to use me?" Wanting to excite him I added "do you want to fuck my pussy or would you rather me suck your cock for you?"

"Well, I've already dumped one load up your pussy, how about a blow job?"

"Sure" I smiled and led him over to the stump. He sat down and I got between his knees and bending over, took his hard cock in my mouth and began to suck. I used one hand to pump the shaft and the other to cup and knead his balls.

He threw his head back and enjoyed the suck job I was giving him. I pumped and used my tongue on the velvety head, swirling it around and rubbing the glands on the top side of his hard cock. I would suck hard for a few seconds, and then ease up. I massaged and tugged on his tight balls. He started moaning louder and I knew I had him on the verge.

"Oh god baby" he growled "please don't take your mouth off, I'm ready to cum!"

I guess he thought I wouldn't let him cum in my mouth but I sucked and pumped harder as if to assure him I would let him shoot his load down my throat.

Once he knew I wouldn't pull off he let out a loud grunt and I felt his long cock harden and throb and got ready to swallow a heavy thick load of his hot jizm.

He clasped his big hand on the top of my head to hold me down as if afraid I would jerk my mouth off at the last minute and arched his hips up ramming his cock against the back of my throat. I was lucky to get my tongue over the hole at the tip of his cock to block the sudden spurting river of hot spunk.

He grunted and shook as his cock unloaded a steady stream of hot juice into my waiting mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up with the flow. His cock throbbed and twitched as it spit out stream after stream of spunk. Each spurt got lighter until he finally slumped back and relaxed. I continued sucking his dick and milking his balls until I had gotten out the very last drop and cleaned his cock.

I pulled my mouth off and asked him "did you like that?" I looked up at him with a big smile. Licking my lips I giggled and told him "I love the taste and feel of fresh hot cum being pumped down my throat!"

Realizing what I had just said, I told myself to shut up! I didn't want to tease these guys any more or they would want to fuck me again and it was getting too late.

I stood up and called over to Jim to ask what the time was. Looking at his watch he told me that it was 2:30AM

I composed myself and took my blouse out of the car to put on. It was getting fairly chilly this time of the morning and I was shivering slightly.

The guys got dressed and we all loaded back up in the car to go home. I sat in the front with Jim and Will and Lew got in the back. On the way back to the lounge so they could pick up their cars, both guys thanked Jim and I for such an exciting evening and praised me for being such a good "slut!"

"Jim, you've got one hot wife there" Will joked. Lew agreed and I just smiled and was glad that I could bring them so much pleasure. My thought shifted to Jim now and I wanted to satisfy him as well.

We got back to the lounge and all of us got out of the car. I gave each guy a hug and a kiss and thanked them for a great time. They left two happy and contented fellows I giggled to myself.

Jim and I got back in the car and I slid over next to Jim and put my arm around his shoulder and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Now, how about you big guy?" "You want to fuck your slut wife tonight?"

"You want me to suck your cock while you drive?" With that I reached down and squeezed the big bulge in his pants. God he felt huge tonight. He must have been so hot and horny that I don't know how he stood it?

Jim though a minute and told me that we better not try that, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to enjoy cumming with worrying about keeping the car on the road. "Good idea" I agreed.

Jim then gave my leg a squeeze and told me that we would wait until that evening before he would get his turn. He knew I was worn out and perhaps a little sore from those two big cocks plowing into my fuck hole all night! I just cuddled up next to him as we drove on home.

Next time!