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First of my name is Sam and my wife we'll name Lisa, obviously not our real names. My wife is very religious and that's the main reason why we haven't done any of the things I will write about in this story. We are both 40 and in good shape, although I wish my wife would excise some more. We live on a small island in the Caribbean, which is the other reason for why we haven't really perused any of the activities yet. In a small community like ours everybody knows everybody and people talk a lot. The third reason would be that we both have jobs where we come in contact with lots of people in our community.

That's where The Net comes in to play. I have been chatting in a few of the chat rooms on the net and found some men with the same interest or that would like to help me fulfill my fantasies with them.

One guy I met on the net was really nice and fun to chat with. He is 34 years of age and called Mark. On many occasions I chatted with him about my fantasy of seeing my wife have sex with another man. He lives in Jordan which is pretty far away from where I live and this was just fine with me.

He asked me about what I wanted to do with my wife. I told him I would like to see her have sex with another man and watch and take pictures and tape the whole thing. Also I would like to do a double penetration, where I and the other man would fuck my wife together. He asked me to show him some pictures of my wife. At first I was very hesitant, but after some more chatting we came to trust each other and I send him some nude pictures of my wife without her face. He was totally turned on by them and told me he had jerked-off many times over the pictures before deleting them from his computer.

After some time of this he wanted more. He kept asking me for more pictures and also pictures of her face. I send him a few more pictures and we enjoyed hot chats about how we would have fun with her together one day. We used the webcam a few times and he showed me his very large cock that he would love to use on my wife.

He loved the pictures of my wife bend over with her ass up in the air. He said he would love to stuff his big bone deep in her asshole and then make her cum hard as he sodomized her. Also he would like to eat out her pussy and cum down her throat. All this turned me on very much and after our chats I had hot sex sessions with my wife.

He asked me to let him chat with her. I said that would be hard as my wife only speaks Spanish and he didn't. He called me a chicken and told me that I would never ever let her have sex with him or any other man. To prove him wrong I told him we could try, but had to be very clever about it. So we setup a plan on how to do it.

After setting up a separate computer for my wife, to which I had administrative excess over my home network. My wife started going online to chat with her family and friends and I was teaching her how to use it.

After I was confident she could work with the computer, I gave mark her email addres so he could add her to his messenger list. We had the agreement that he would tell her that he found her email somewhere on a website and was interested in chatting with her. While she would be upstairs chatting with him I would be downstairs on another computer chatting with mark and translating what she said and telling him what to tell her or ask her in Spanish.

As she wants to learn English she was interested in chatting with him to learn more English. So she asked Mark to help her learn English and she would help him learn Spanish. They chatted and she enjoyed it very much. She was a little apprehensive in the beginning, as she was thought not to chat with stranger and give out information. I told her as long as she didn't give out her address, phone number etc.

The first time they chatted wasn't much, just getting to know each other a little bit. Also our twelve year old son was molesting her, telling her not to chat with strangers. That was kind of funny to see how he was so protective of his mom.

The second time they talked more. He asked her if she was married and she said yes. He asked her if her husband doesn't mind that she chats with him. She said no as long as it's just chatting, it's ok. They tried to use the webcams but didn't succeed, as I forgot to set that up for her. That same night I chatted with Mark to. He told me about the webcam problem. I said I'll fix it tomorrow. He told me he wanted to see her on webcam and see what happens. Also that these chats were making him hot and horny and wanting to fuck my wife evens more. He asked if I would be okay with it if it ever came to that. I told him that it was my fantasy but that I haven't thought of it really happening yet. We both laughed. I told him wanting though that I would need to be present at all time otherwise it wouldn't happen.

On day I was chatting online with a female friend of mine and the topic was about sex. My wife, whom is very jealous, caught me chatting. She immediately thought I was cheating on her and she got very pissed off. She yelled at me that she would do the same. She would contact Mark online and cheat on me with him. I was like BINGO! She went upstairs to her computer to try and contact Mark. But it was already pretty late so he wasn't online. She went to bed angry without talking to me. Next morning she was still angry, but I managed to calm her down. After she left for work I wrote a message to Mark explaining to him what had happened. I told him this was our chance to speed things up a bit. So he could do some more daring webcam stuff with her.

The rest of the day I was so horny that I went upstairs to our bedroom and started to jerk off. Just then my wife came home and found me masturbating. I explained to her that the things she told me, about her cheating on me with Mark, had turned me on and made me so horny with his talk of what he liked to do with my wife that I started to masturbate. Thinking of the things he wanted to do and I wanted to do with her. I was so caught up in my fantasy world that I didn't hear my wife get home. When she entered the bedroom and saw me jerking off she smiled and said:"So you are horny are, come let me help you!" She dropped down on her knees in front of me and started to give me an awesome blowjob. I held the back of her had with both my hands and started to fuck her face. She started to cough and gag as I started to face fuck her harder, faster and deeper every time. Once in awhile I would hold her hand with my throbbing cock all the way down her throat and waited till she was almost out of breath, then I would let go and she would gasp for air. She loves a bit of rough sex when she is very horny. After a few minutes of face fucking she wanted to be fucked. So we got totally undressed and she locked the door so our son wouldn't come in the room unexpectedly. I got a condom and put it over my rock hard fuck stick. We use condoms as our form of birth control. Only when she's not in her fertile cycle we don't use them. I actually hate the damn things. First we did missionary which is her favorite position. It makes her come very hard and fast. I like it less cause the penetration isn't that deep. We changed to where she was riding me in cowgirl style which I really like because I can suck on her nipples and play with her nice boobs. Then we changed to doggy which is my favorite. I get to spank her ass. She was so horny that I put a finger up her ass as I was fucking her and she didn't complain. So I told her I want to take off the condom and fuck her in her ass. She agreed so I took the KY from the dresser and applied some to her hole and to my cock. Then I slowly inserted it in her and waited for her to adjust. Then I really started banging her ass hard and she started call Mark's name. How she wanted to be fucked hard like this by him with me watching and taking pictures. I didn't last much longer and after about 20 minutes of this I came hard in her has. We took a shower together and went to sleep.

Next day I send mark a message about what had happened and we planned out what we would do next. He would try to see how far she would go. See if she would strip on cam and masturbate for him. He would jerk off on cam for her.

The rest of the day I did my normal things. I didn't have to work because I still had vacation. I prepared food, played video games with my son and watch some of the Olympics on television. When she came home at night we chatted for a little about her work and what I did that day. I also encouraged her to chat with Mark and don't be too shy. Let things happen. She agreed to that and I smiled at her. She gave me a nice smile back and told me she was getting hot and really wanted to chat with Mark again. She wanted to take a good look at his big dick. She went up stairs took a shower and put on some sexy lingerie she wanted to show off for Mark.

I stayed downstairs in my office and checked if Mark was already online. As luck would have it he was. I told him everything she said and told him to go further. Ask her to strip and masturbate in front of the webcam for him. He told me he was also very hot for her and really wanted to fuck her for real. He asked me if I was willing to let it happen if he would come over for vacation. I told him I wasn't sure. It was still just a fantasy, but to ask her. If she agreed, I wouldn't object. I closed my chat session with him as soon as I saw her come online.

I watched TV for about 3 hours. Actually the TV was just on. My mind was somewhere else. What were they chatting about? How was it going? Would she agree a meeting with him? After the 3 hours I was starting to get a headache of the pondering, so I took some headache medicine and went to bed.

Sometime later that night, my wife woke me up. Totally excited she began telling me what they chatted about. She didn't know I could read all their chatting, In a nutshell. She saw Mark jerking off on the webcam and she stripped and masturbated for him on the webcam. After they both came he asked her to meet with him in real life. He told her he could come over on vacation for a week. She told him she would take it up with me, but she was willing and wanted to meet him too. I was like really? Do you really want to meet with him and let him fuck you? She said yes, she wanted to feel how it was to have a different cock inside her. Marks cock was much bigger than mine and she wanted to experience that. I was in heaven! Finally my fantasy would become a reality. I told her ok we can meet him, but there would be several rules. She looked at me? What kind of rules? Well I said. I need to be there with them all the time and I want to take pictures and make a video. Also I would join in on the activities. Further he will have to wear a condom all the time. He could cum in her mouth or anywhere else, but not inside her pussy or ass. She said that was all ok with her. She would chat with Mark the next day and tell him the good news and prepare for the event.

The next day she talked to Mark online and they decided he would book a vacation to come over in a week. 7 long days we had to wait. Mark and I both decided not to jerk off and I wouldn't have sex with my wife either. I prepared my video camera and also loaned another one from a friend. Mark and I both chatted on and off over what and how we were going to do the things with my wife. He also asked if he could have my wife alone one night. I told I don't think so, but we will see how things go. We decided for our first meeting to be in a public place so we could see if things really clicked. If not we could still call it off. Mark would email or message me when he got to his hotel.

The days past by very slowly, but then finally the day was here. I was on my computer all day waiting for a message from Mark. Finally around noon he messaged me. Telling me he arrived and was in his hotel. I gave him the name of the club we would meet later that night. I told Lisa Mark was here and that we would meet him tonight at the club. She was very excited and immediately went out to buy a new outfit and go to the beauty salon to get all dolled up. She also got a nice Brazilian wax and was now balled. This was very nice. I wanted to eat her out, but we agreed not to. Time went by agonizingly slow.

That night we left our son with my moms and were off to the club. It is a nice trendy club with good music. We got there early, so we decided to get some drinks and sit down in a booth waiting for Mark to arrive. To kill time we danced a few salsa and meringue songs and sat back with some more drinks. Lisa need to go to the restroom so I sat alone in the booth soaking in the scenery, which I must say wasn't all that bad.

Just before Lisa came back Mark arrived and sat down with me in the booth. We shook hands and I ordered him another drink. I asked him how his flight was. He said well, but he couldn't wait to get here and meet us, or actually Lisa. When Lisa got back to the booth his eyes almost popped out of his head and his jaw was on the floor. Lisa was wearing a tight fitting very short black dress with an ample few of cleavage. Nine inch black pumps which tied up high, almost at her knees. Her black (colored) hair loose around her face. Mark got up and took her hand kissed it then hugged her and moved so she could sit in between us. She had a nervous smile on her face and didn't really know what to say. All she said that is was a pleasure to finally get to meet mark in person. Then she took her drink and downed it in one single gulp. As she finished the waitress came with the drink I had ordered for Mark. I immediately asked her to bring another drink for my wife. I had in my mind to get her a little bit tipsy so she would relax and loosen up more.

A song she loves came on and she asked Mark to dance with her. I kept sitting in the booth waiting for the drinks to arrive and watched how the danced on a fast meringue song. Mark couldn't dance it but he sure tried and she was happy to teach him grinding herself against his probably rock hard cock. When the song was over they didn't let go but kept chatting until the live band started to play the next song. This was a slower salsa song and the hugged each other tightly as the danced to the rhythm of the music. The floor was crowed, so I couldn't see them clearly anymore. This time when the song ended and the people started to go back to their seats I saw them standing way back in the other corner of the dance floor embraced in a deep kiss. When the next song started the walked back to me and sat down and gulped down there drinks. Mark ordered another round of drinks and Lisa went to the restroom to touch up her make-up.

Mark told me he was ready to leave and start the real party. I said ok, let the drinks get here and we finish them then we leave for our house. Lisa got back and sat next to Mark hugging him and kissing him right there in the booth in front of me. I felt a little bit of jealousy creeping up, but also I could feel my rock hard cock in my pants saying total different things. I could see Mark's hands on my wife's thigh going up between her legs. It was for a moment as if I wasn't there. When they came up for air Mark said he thought Lisa was very ready to leave. So we did. We walked to our car. I was driving and Lisa sat with Mark in the back seat. In the rearview mirror I could see them making out. It was very hard for me to concentrate on the road as I could hear Lisa moan while Mark was probably fingering her. I drove as fast as I could to the house where I had already set up all the video equipment and camera's to tape everything.

When we finally got to the house Lisa gave Mark a tour of the house as I prepared more drinks. When I got to the bedroom with the drinks Mark was sitting on the bed. He told me Lisa was in the bathroom getting ready for the event.

I turned on the cameras and took one of the digital photo camera's I had prepped for the evening of fun.

As she came out of the bathroom in just her come fuck me pumps black hose and G-string and push-up bra, Mark stood up and put a pillow on the floor in front of him. Lisa kneeled on the pillow and started to unzip his pants and fish out his huge cock. She look at it with a big grin on her face like a kid getting her present she so wanted.

She held Marks cock in her hand and slowly pulled his foreskin down. The big purple head came in her vision and she licked it slowly with the tip of her tong. Then she kissed it and sucked just the head in her mouth. Mark let out a moan. She then started to lick the complete length of his cock making it wet and ready all over. I zoomed in with one camera on the action and started to snap pictures with the digital camera. She took his dick in her mouth and Mark put his hands on the back of her head and told her to open wide. He then proceeded to fuck her face with long slow and deep strokes. At first she could get only about have his 9 inch cock inside. But with every trust she got a little further. Than Mark took is dick out and told her to say A and open wide. With one trust he pushed his 9 inches of man meat all the way down her throat. Lisa Gagged but he kept her face buried in his pubic hair. Looking at me he told me what a good slut my wife was and that he was going to enjoy her very much. He then told her to look up at him while his cock was down her throat, When he pulled out Lisa had to gasp for air.

They then went on to the bed were Lisa lied down on her back with her legs spread wide. He could now see her hot wet bald pussy. He kneeled down and started to eat her out. Lisa came hard as he was licking and sucking on her clit with two fingers pumping fast in and out of her pussy.

After she came, he climbed on top of her putting on a condom that was on the bed. He then slowly inserted his 9" cock in her smoking hot and dripping wet pussy. He groaned: "Oh man this is so nice hot, tight and very wet. Man, what a fucking hot cunt you have. You are one lucky dude to get to enjoy this every day!" He then continued to fuck her slowly at first then faster and harder. Lisa started moaning louder and louder. She came hard again while screaming: "Fuck me Mark, use me as your personal slut. Vega papi, vega." Mark wasn't ready to cum yet, so after she calmed down he made her ride him in reversed cow girl, so that I could film her expressions as she impaled herself on his hard cock. She rode him hard and she came again screaming how good it was in Spanish. Mark didn't understand any of what she was saying but told me: "I guess she likes it a lot!" With a big smile on his face he flipped her over on her hands and knees, readying her for some doggy style. Still Mark didn't release and I was holding my hard-on stroking and taking pictures. As he positioned himself behind her ready to enter her from behind I gave him the KY. He dropped a bit on her pussy, asshole and some on his cock. After lubing her up he pushed his cock hard all the way in one thrust deep in her wanton cunt. Reaching place I would never reach with my 7" cock. While fucking her doggy style he also fingered her asshole prepping it for me to use. 20 minutes of pounding her hard was all it took to make Mark loose his load. But he knew I wanted to see a big facial so he quickly pulled out, ripped the condom of and flipped Lisa over, then dropped what was a week worth of sperm all over her face and in her mouth. When he was done Cumming on her face and in her mouth, he shoved his cock all the way down her throat and held it there for a while enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm.