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Twenty years of marriage to the same women! Wow, I could not believe that it had been 20 years already back in 1983 that Tina and I had been married fresh out of High School and ready to take on the world.

That really was a long time ago, both of us 18 years old, steady high school sweethearts growing up in a blue collar suburban Catholic city. We knew we were destined to be rich someday and to do something great.

Twenty years of reality later and I was a mid level supervisor in an automotive production plant and Tina was a line lead in an electronics plant making precision components for the automotive market. Our oldest son had left for college in the fall after turning 19 and our daughter was in her senior year of High School and would be leaving for college next year.

Tina and I dated since our Sophomore year in high school and were virgins when we got married. Raised in strict Catholic homes we didn't believe in any form of birth control beside the withdraw method and nine months and four days after we were married we had our first son, Ben. Ten and a half months later our daughter Julie was born. After that the pressure of having two babies and trying to make ends meet turned our sex life virtually non-existent. When sex did happen it tended to be pretty vanilla and long before I could cum I would withdraw and head for the bathroom to finish up far away from my wife's fertile pussy.

For our 20th. anniversary I decided to surprise my wife and booked a hotel room in the city. We spent the day swimming and playing around in the large indoor pool and then went out for a nice dinner. After dinner I reserved a limo and we went out to several clubs and enjoyed some drinks and dancing. We returned to the hotel around 10 and went up to our room. Tina went into the bathroom and came out wearing her usual sweat pants and long night shirt. She still looked good standing 5'5" and weighing 130 lbs. Her hair was frosted and she had pretty green eyes. She had a nice firm butt and her tits sagged a little from breastfeeding two children but looked good for 36C. Although I rarely saw her naked, most times we had sex we undressed under the covers in the dark. Last year at the advice of her doctor Tina had gone on the pill to regulate her periods, but I still refrained from cumming in her pussy. Our elderly Jesuit priest still taught that oral sex and "sodomy" were sin and be stayed with the tried and true missionary position which proved to give me easy exit room before the moment of passion.

Tina spent eight hours a day standing on a factory line and was tired and sore. I thought she would enjoy a body massage and had used the internet to book an outcall massage therapist to give her a "spa" treatment. At 11 right on time there was a knock at the door and Tina looked up from the TV and said "who could that be?"

I went to the door and the man on the other side introduced himself as Marcus. He was a sophisticated acting gentleman who said he was from Club Hedo massage service. Marcus was a young tall black man with an athletic build. He carried in a folding massage table and several bags. He was wearing medical scrubs and appeared very professional and pleasant. I greeted him and told him the massage was a gift for my wife.

I told Tina that the massage was a gift from me and she seemed to be excited about the prospect. Marcus took out a clip board from one of his bags and proceeded to ask Tina a series of questions about past massages, past surgery, medications, circulation and the areas she wanted him to work on. Tina sat on the edge of the bed answering each of his questions and telling him that her back and legs were really sore and tense. Marcus told her that he would give her a full body treatment and that he would make her completely comfortable and not do anything to make her embarrassed. Tina was already relaxed and feeling pretty good from the alcohol she had consumed and seemed to be at ease with everything.

Marcus went into the bathroom and started the tub. A few minutes later he returned and told Tina she would start with a Sea Salt soak. Tina and I entered the bathroom to find Marcus had drawn a hot bath and placed candles all over the bathroom. The room smelled great. He instructed Tina to enter the tub and soak for 20 minutes. Tina appeared concerned and advised she did not have a bathing suit, Marcus replied that he was a medical professional and that removing all her clothing would be healthy since there would be no elastic to cut off her circulation. Tina motioned us out and shut the door behind us.

Marcus made small talk with me as he busily set about lighting candles and preparing the hotel room, he turned up the heat and put out some essential oils. The room quickly heated to an almost hot temperature and to my surprise Marcus removed his shirt exposing a large sculpted chest. He rubbed some oil on his chest and then removed his pants. As he put on a pair of black silk shorts that connected at the side with Velcro I could not believe the size of his cock. It was soft and still seemed to be 6 or 7 inches matched by a huge set of cleanly shaven balls. Marcus applied more oil to his hairless body making him shine in the candle light and then grabbed a large pillow looking towel and a drink from his bag. He said the drink was a Chinese herbal drink to relax and soothe Tina.

Marcus knocked on the bathroom door and then opened it. Tina was in the tub and seemed to be totally mesmerized my the hot bath, the candles and the scent of the oils. Marcus gave Tina the drink and put on some soft music. I couldn't believe Tina lay in the tub completely nude before this strange man sipping on the drink he had bought her. He explained that he had bought her the towel to wrap in when he was ready to get out and that he would begin pampering her feet as part of her treatment. Marcus sat on the floor at the foot of the tub and began rubbing and caressing Tina's feet as she softly moaned and continued sipping her drink with her eyes closed. I could see Marcus's cock and balls sticking out from the open gap in his shorts from his position. I began to have second thoughts about the situation I had brought my wife into.

Marcus continued massaging Tina's feet and toes until her dink was empty. He told her that her bath and drink had her too relaxed to stand or walk and that she should just relax and he would drain the water and dry her up. He pulled the drain plug and gently dried Tina off not missing a square inch of her glistening body. He then wrapped the towel around her and scooped her up telling her he would carry her to his treatment table. Tina just seemed to melt into Marcus and let him carry her. He carried her to the table and laid her on her stomach.

Marcus uncovered Tina's upper back and began kneading his large hands into her muscles eliciting deep moans of pleasure from her. He continued his uncovering and working his way down her back side with no resistance from Tina. As he neared the small of her back he stopped and pulled out a foam wedge from one of his bags, he placed it under Tina's hips raising her but and pelvis of the table a foot or so. He then went to the foot of the table and uncovered Tina up to her bottom of her butt cheeks. He started working his large hands at her ankles and got up on the table straddling her legs as her worked his way up. Tina continued moaning in pleasure.

Marcus moved his way up working Tina's tense thigh muscles. I could see his large hands go between her legs right up against her crotch and knew he must be rubbing her pussy as he worked. However, Tina gave no sign of being uncomfortable or wanting the attention to stop. I wondered if this was a normal part of a massage or if Marcus was taking unfair liberty with my wife. Marcus let the towel fall to the floor leaving Tina completely naked to his gaze. I could feel my own cock begin to stir in my boxers as I heard Marcus ask Tina if she wanted him to work the muscles in her butt. Tina replied that she did.

Marcus poured a large amount of oil directly onto Tina's butt and she squirmed beneath him. He then took two more foam rubber pieces from his bag and positioned them spreading Tina's legs wide open exposing her pussy and tiny little wrinkled butt hole to wide open view. Marcus used his large muscular hands to knead, pull and gently slap Tina's cheeks which seemed to drive her over the edge of pleasure. It had been so many years since I had heard Tina have an orgasm that I did not recognize the moans and squeals she was eliciting to the touch of Marcus's hands.

Marcus asked Tina if it was all right with her if he removed his shorts while he continued pushing the tension from her back. Tina moaned in agreement and Marcus pulled the Velcro from his shorts and dropped them to the floor. As he moved his large hands up her back he continued to crawl up straddling her legs. I could see his massive now rock hard cock rest in the well oiled crack of her beautiful ass. It had to be at least ten inches long and fat around. Tina was again moaning from the working of Marcus's hands on her back and rocking her hips against him as he worked. I wanted to stop everything and throw Marcus out of the room, but my own cock was fully engorged at its 6" and I too was mesmerized by what was happening in front of me.

Marcus told me to move around to watch if I wanted and I got up from my seat and walked around to see the tip of his enormous cock pressed up against Tina's swollen pussy lips. Tina was grinding her hips backward toward Marcus and soon his head was pressing into her. Marcus pulled Tina into a hands and knees position by grabbing her hips and pulling her back toward himself. Within minutes He had fully impaled her with his massive cock and Tina was grunting and moaning loudly bucking her hips wildly against Marcus. Marcus reached up and grabbed her tits pulling and kneading her erect nipples between his huge fingers and pumping into her pussy meeting her thrusts. Tina was shuddering in one long orgasm.

Marcus continued his hard long pounding into Tina's pussy finally after five minutes grabbing her hips and pulling himself deep into her and grunting before collapsing onto her back. Tina squealed in lust as his large hot shots of thick sticky cum filled her belly.

Marcus pulled his softening cock from Tina's gaping stretched pussy leaving a stream of his cum running from her. Tina lay down panting as Marcus went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up returning wearing his scrub suit. He thanked me and told me that he had never done a treatment on a women who was so hot or willing. I asked him what was in the drink he gave her and he said it was only a herbal mixture to relax and relieve a persons inhibitions so they could feel comfortable acting out what they really wanted to do. He handed me a 12 pack and told me to try some myself, the effects lasted for 24 hours.

As Marcus cleaned up his supplies and gathered his belongings I sat on the bed next to Tina and drank a drink of my own. By the time I locked the door behind Marcus my drink was finished and I stripped out of my clothes laying next to Tina. She got up on her hands and knees and took my swollen cock into her mouth. Within seconds I blew my load of pent up cum down her throat and she greedily swallowed every drop. In a short time we were fucking like we never imagined possible, it was almost like a first honeymoon that weekend without the chance of her getting pregnant.

On our way home we talked about what we had missed during the past 20 years due to the teaching and condemnation of Father Gavin. Two weeks later Tina and I sat at our dinner table with Julie out of town on a school retreat. Tina and I along with Father Gavin and Sister Theresa each sipped our Chinese tea drink to the soft music in the background, but that's another story.