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Periodically throughout the year my wife of 23 years visits her mother who is bed ridden in an out of state nursing home. Alice fly's from Iowa to New Jersey usually spending five Days taking care of mom's paper work etc. Normally the trips are without incident accept For this time. When Alice arrived home she couldn't wait to tell me about her "eye opening" Experience.

My Wife stays at the same hotel, so she knows most of the employee's by name. The hotel was going through many renovations at the time so there were some inconveniences but Mostly "eye opening" rather then annoying pointed out my wife. Alice likes to bring her Workout equipment and bathing suit taking advantage of the great hotel facilities. Once She got settled in, Alice put her workout cloths on and went to the gym. The gym is coed and Well, equipped, I must admit Alice is in good shape average looks with a trim firm body.

The gym was a bit noisy due to construction, there where a few contractors that Alice took Notice of, they were both black, handsome and had very well developed upper bodies. During her Workout Alice said she kept glancing over at them but did not make it obvious. In our little Iowa town we do not have many black families so the workers stood out in my wife's mind.

After her workout she went into the women's locker room for a steambath, Mary a lady in her late 50's is the locker room matron she rushed up to Alice to greet her, they have gotten to know each other very well and have gone out for dinner on occasion. After small talk Alice went For her steambath. When my wife was finished, Mary supplied her with towels Alice asked how The renovations where going Mary noted it was a bit noisy but quite revealing. Alice said in What why? Mary whispered in my wife's ear come down here at 4pm and I'll show you.

The construction workers wash up then, and pointed to a door in the corner of the room. Mary smiled and said "wow" then giggled, Alice did not quite catch on, but let Mary know she would come at 4pm. Around 3:45pm Alice walked down to the gym to see what Mary was up too they greeted each other, Mary looked around to make sure no one was around and told my wife to enter the back room which turned out to be a small closet the construction workers just Recently installed but have not finished. Mary said to leave the lights off and sit in the Chair and look straight ahead. Mary instructed my wife she would open the door in an hour.

Sitting in the chair in complete darkness, my wife could see a small peep hole in the wall, she peeked in, Why it was the men's locker room, that Mary is something else said my wife, Since She was going to be there for an hour my wife decided to amuse herself by peeping. From the Vantage point Alice could see the lockers and shower room. At that point an executive looking Man appeared wearing a suit with a slight beer belly he proceeded to undress. My wife felt Uneasy this is something she just normally does not do but what the hell she said.

Stripped down to his undershorts my wife said she watched him peel them down to his ankles. He stood up and saw a small cock hanging between his legs Alice said my cock was much bigger then his and I was in much better shape too. That made me feel good to hear from her. After that, one of the weight lifters came in he was well proportioned taking off his tee shirt and shorts Alice said my cock was still bigger then his but with a bigger head, my wife said she was getting a little excited watching all this nudity.

That's when the show really started, I think this is why Mary wanted my Wife there at 4pm. the two black construction workers appeared my wife got a little faint when the first one removed his shirt revealing a very muscular chest he slipped his work pants off leaving his boxer shorts on, when he removed his shorts his back side was facing my wife, she said what a butt he was really hot, Alice grabbed my hand and said when he turned around I could not believe a cock could be so long it was hanging almost to his knees with a perfect head she had to control her emotions as not to give away the hiding place, she did say my cock was Wider but his was much longer and with her hands she described the length.

When the second black construction worker appeared from the showers, Alice said his cock was monstrous also, long and wide she could not think of any women taking such a big cock and it was swinging while he was drying off, Alice admitted she was very horny at that point.

Just then Mary opened the door saying the coast was clear needless to say I made an appointment With Mary the next day for 4pm she understood. My wife and I had great sex that night I asked her if the black men where on her mind, Yes! Yes! she said. Oh! we are now owners of a black dildo requested by my wife she is building up to its ten inch length.