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Sex Story

I met my wife in when she was only 17. I was her "first" and only real lover. We dated by long-distance for the first several years of our relationship as I had met her in the summer before she left to go to a small liberal arts college in New York.

She was a sweet girl without much experience, but with a strong desire to make love... a lot! It was great... I can still recall the thrill of seeing her thin sexy body with firm 36C breasts naked in all her glory. Not to mention the wettest pussy I've ever experienced.

I was her first real lover, but after much coaxing I was able to get her brief and mildly eventful sexual history. A few random kisses with a little groping with 2 other boys (one was the brother of a friend which was kinda hot to me), but that was pretty much it...Oh there was skinny-dip with a female classmate, but that story if for another night.

Then one very drunken sexy night I heard about the Hawaiian vacation where she ended up sneaking away from the crowd to perform oral behind some bushes on a friend of her brothers! She sworn it went not further, and based on my super-horny reaction I believe her. I made her tell me the details of what they did over and over... it made me soooo hot!

This fantasy of her being nasty with another guy because a compulsion of mine. I had a variety of scenarios playing in my head, and on occasion we'd play-act some of them. There was the swapping with friends and their girlfriends, the bar pick-up, the massage guy... u name it. She was fine with the fantasy, but made it clear she was not that kind of girl. This is likely why we ended up marrying lol.

It was late in her senior year that the subject rose to the surface one last time. I can't even recall how, but in those marathon long-distant phone conversations we'd talk about a lot of things. I made the point, that never being with another man might be an issue for her somewhere down the road. "I'd hate to find out later that you regret not doing more exploring." I think I said. We ended with her agreeing to "think about it" and for the first time it sounded like she really was considering the idea.

His name is Josh, freshman she met at him on campus mailroom. "Are you sure?" she asked one last time. 3....2....1....

A casual "spontaneous" moment allowed them and one of my wife's best bud's to attend the 8:45 screening of The Graduate (I kid u not!). After, the movie and a walk back to the dorms, friend peels off almost as on queue and it just the two of them. Watching "lettermen" was the story that leads them to her small bedroom. A futon bed fills most of the room. They sit/lay very close together. Wow, what a slut!

This rules!

A bottle of left-over champagne a few hits on the pipe and the kiss leads to more physical contact of a sexual nature. Her top is pulled up and her light brown nipples both stand firm and her eyes are closed as long lingering kisses cause them to pivot right and the back to the left in a slow-motion ballet.

Because he was a lame freshman kid, things went not further that night.

Oh, you might be wondering about the credibility... how do I know all of this? As it just so happens that one of the "conditions" I laid down, I can't believe I got away with this! Was the she had to keep a diary of the entire relationship, but it was all about making the sex scenes graphic and real.

And so she did... her natural writing ability along with her reporter like lists made for compelling reading.

She made the first move, by leaning into him; he was slow to respond but eventfully started stroking her bare shoulder. She made note that this was a part that felt the weirdest... the first touches. Their awkwardness passes as her lips find his, parting slightly to allow their tongues to touch. Deeper and deep the kiss whips Michelle passion into a fury of pent-up sexual desire. She was ready for anything that may come from this temporary relationship


They next day Michelle's friend Suki couldn't wait to hear the news. "I wonder if my boyfriend would let me?" They laugh.

"This calls for a trip to the mall."

Outside the Pink Neon shimmering store entrance Stephanie balks... "I'm not going in there." "What? Why not?" "Aren't we rushing things a bit? I mean we barely kissed." Suki rolls her eyes. "You have one month... this might be a good time to learn to manage your time better... plan a head. Sorta speak.

It is common knowledge that SLC has the most practicing lesbians then any other college in the country. One study reported that 39% of the female graduates had experienced their first homosexual experience with a fellow student. This is only to point out that you should not think bull-dyke looking girls with no style and odd smells. On the "experimentation" subject she has been vague and non-committal.

Stay tuned.

Kari and Pam, are the two student-employees of Victoria's Secret. Both could, and likely will, model in the slightly less-traditional circuits. Kari's a busty beach-blonde without a care in the world. Pam is a kinky tattooed Asian with larger then average breasts, and beautiful eyes. Both wear sheer and beautiful lingerie as if a seductive second skin.

Inside one of the booth's Stephanie tugs at a pair of lacy black bikini-thong panties. They match the bra which is barely holding her full breasts. "Yumm..." Pam licks her lips. A startled Stephanie stares blankly as she makes subtle effort to cover her body. "You HAVE to get this..." Pam continues to look her up and down. Michelle turns toward her as to present herself better. Pam reaches out and gently runs her hand across Michelle's hardened nipple.

A few quick flash modeling helps Michelle's final choice. A silky royal blue matching boy shorts and sheer mesh which hide or didn't depending on the mood.


Michelle, still owns the cheap pink teddy she ended up taking. While checking out they are invited to a club in Manhattan. Pam gets deep eye-contact with Michelle.

The 6-room 2-story Dorm housed a wide variety of cultural and emotional girls. And only one of them was ugly ;) In fact Michelle first year roommate dated Mike Tyson... the school has talent. Tipsy and free Michelle dances to Madonna wearing ill-matching bra and panties while setting up a small drink stand both with vodka glasses full and at the ready.

The thrill of escalading this forbidden romance... combined with the pint of vodka gave Michelle, the courage to wear a sheer white top and a super short black skirt creating a very provocative effect. A 22-year old girl's firm 36c breasts are... a well... a very welcome site. Especially, when, as now, her thick hard nipples struggle to escape the lover's embrace of fine white silk. It was lipstick applied on a random suggestion which gave her nicely sized areoles the little oomph!

Josh has a deer-in-headlight stare as he gulps the vodka. Michelle turns up the dance music and starts dancing for him. Her blurry eyes suggest she has had a few and she means business. She begins to dance more provocatively, sitting him on a small wooden chair she whispers "would you like a lap dance mister?" Josh, smiles at his good luck, as Michelle pulls her top off. Her breasts struggle to be freed of her sheer black bra.




"Oh god yes."



Door Shuts




There was no dancing that night, but Pam left a phone message of herself masturbating so it wasn't a total loss. Besides, he got a blow job. Everything I read says this is really all they want. Hehehehehe.


FUN FACT: On a slumber party Michelle was "fondled" by the friend's younger brother and his 2 friends. She said she was soooo passed out (possible spiked drink) she thought it was a dream. It seemed to happen over a long period of time and became a very naughty fantasy-fulfillment for years to come.


2 days pass. No calls from Josh!


"Maybe you scared him." says Suki over mocha latte. "What are you talking about? It was only (lowers voice) head." Michelle winks. Much too loudly Suki blurts out "you are such a little slut... Suki spasms with laughter as she avoids Michelle's comical attempt to silence her. "you give porn star blow jobs... it's nothing to be ashamed of..."


She found herself in a constant state of arousal small showers... lots to see and do. She whimpered as she cam looked to see that no one had noticed, no one ever has, her eyes meet those of Victoria Secrets Vamp Pam... naked... oh my.

Josh alone in his dorm.

KNOCK at the door.

Michelle stood there wearing her sexiest outfit evar! Short skirt sheer top and fuck me heels.

"Is this slow enough?"

They undress wildly... Michelle vulgarly played with herself... pulling her lips farther and farther wide... she sat on top of him and eased his rock hard condom-less cock deep inside her squishy wet folds... mmmmmm.. They cam together with Michelle collapsed down on top of Josh.

A wiggle confirmed that he was still inside and soon they were moving in rhythm of building urgency slap slap slap of skin on skin she arched her back while her limber legs are push down almost to touching as this young piece of ass plows his throbbing hard cock into me like he's in love and in hate. She said she came for the 4th times that night and then cried a little as she felt his fifth and final big load.