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Jake threw my bikini to me and said, "Get dressed bitch." The boys pulled up their shorts and told me to follow them. As we walked I admired their asses and listened to them talk about classes at the local college. That was when I realized these guys must have been about 19 or 20 at the most. I just grinned.

What happened at their cabin is a story for another time.

Well it is another time.

We arrived at the pig sty they called home and I was surprised to find their third friend sitting on the couch watching some sports. He was larger than his friends and black. Immediately I found my pussy starting to get wet again. I just had to suck his big cock and maybe get him to fuck me.

Tye said "Bobby meet our new friend here. She needs to shower since me and Jake fucked her on the beach. But first she has to suck all our cocks." Bobby just smiled and said what is her name so I can add her to my list of bitches. I said "I am not going to tell any of you my name and I don't have much time. Lets get going."

All three of them stood in the center of the room and dropped their shorts.

Jake said "I am ready bitch."

All I could do was smile and drop back to my knees. I started on Bobby since he had the biggest cock. I moaned as he grabbed the back of my hair and shoved his cock down my throat. I relaxed my neck muscles and allowed him to fuck my face. I sucked him until he was fully hard then backed away to look at my work. His cock was about 10 inches and as thick as my wrist.

I then asked him "do you want to fuck?"

All he did was nod as I stroked his cock.

He knocked all the beer cans off the coffee table and told me "get on your back."

I laid down on my coffee table with my legs hanging off the sides and one end and my head hanging over the other. I prepared myself for him by relaxing my legs and then he got on his knees between mine. He then put my legs over his shoulders and began to push his cock inside me.

I squirmed and moaned some.

Jake then said "I want some more head." He then came over to the other end of the nasty sticky coffee table and shoved his cock in my open wet mouth. I moaned and felt my cum quickly coming from Bobby's large cock pushing into to me.

Jake was laughing and urging me on with his nasty talk of me being such a cum slut.

I moaned and wanted to scream out in pleasure but couldn't with Jake's cock in my throat.

All I could do is squeal a little and I heard Bobby say "I think the bitch is cumming hard."

He was right.

Then I worked on Jake's cock with my lips and tongue. I actually pulled on his ass to get his cock in my mouth all the way.

He then said I am going to put his second load in this married bitch today." His hot cum shot down my throat as he forced his cock in my hot mouth as far as it would go. He then pulled his cock out and I swallowed much needed air.

Bobby's hips were slamming into my thighs hard and he would bury his cock to the hilt in my spasming pussy over and over again. I just kept cumming and then I asked "Tye are you ready for your blow job."

He said "Oh yeah."

Bobby pulled his massive cock out of me and told me "get on your hands and knees" which I did still on top of the table. Bobby then said "hold on Tye this bitch has my cock so sloppy I want her to clean me off before I fuck her some more."

I smiled.

Bobby walked around and I licked the cum from Tye and my cum off his cock. I looked up at him and grinned. He just smiled and said "my girlfriend never would do that and married women always know how to act when getting fucked."

I smiled again and Bobby walked back to my ass and pushed his cock inside my wet pussy.

I groaned. "Fuck me, Fuck me" is all I could manage.

Tye's big white cock was in my face and I opened my lips and allowed him to invade my mouth. Instantly he had a firm grip on my pony tail like on the beach and pushed his cock into my throat.

Bobby slapped my ass and I started to cum on his cock again. I heard him laugh, "this bitches pussy is so tight after all this still." I could hear the sound of his dick getting pushed in and pulled out hard and fast. I couldn't control myself anymore and I just kept cumming on his cock.

I heard Jake chuckle and say "smile for the camera."

I looked up at him with Tye's cock still in my mouth and he snapped a picture. I tried to stop but they would not let me. Bobby was really working on my pussy and I wanted him to keep going but I didn't want Jake to keep taking pictures but he did. His Polaroid was just clicking away and Tye wouldn't allow me to say anything since his cock kept invading my throat.

Then Tye said "I am going cum, bitch, you ready?"

I sucked harder. Then he came in my mouth pulling his cock almost all the way out of my mouth but not all the way, forcing me to taste his cum. Tye then pulled his cock all the way out and sat back on the nasty couch to watch Bobby keep punishing me. Bobby had a hold of my hips forcing my ass back and forth as he thrusted forward.

Bobby then said "shit, baby, you have a nice tight pussy and I am going to cum soon. I want to cum in your mouth also but you have to ask nicely."

I turned my head to him and asked while pouting my lips "Bobby, please cum in my mouth!"

He then pulled out and told me to get on my knees which I did quickly so I wouldn't miss any and he stood up. I opened my mouth while I stroked his cock.

"Here is cums, urgh." He then shoved his cock in my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could while Jake took a couple more shots of this huge black cock cumming in my mouth. Bobby finished up and pushed my head away as I kept licking him.

I then asked "what are you going to do with those pictures?"

Jake said "we just want to make sure you come back. If you want us to keep this quiet you will come back."

I then asked "well can I get my shower now?"

Grinning Bobby said "sure" and he showed me to the dirty bathroom. I got cleaned up as much as I could with them leering over me the whole time.

When I got done Tye asked "so when are you coming back."

I looked at him and said "soon as I can."

They shook their heads in agreement and showed me to the door. I heard them laughing in the background as I walked away satisfied. I promised myself I would come back to get those pictures soon.