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Dear Diary,

Today was a relaxing day. It was my off day and I decided to get some sun down at the lake. I slipped on my bikini and grabbed a towel and my radio and jumped into the car to head to the lake. Once there, I stepped out of the car and grabbed all my things and began a search for a quiet un-populated place. I found one near some shrubs and laid my towel out for my day in the sun.

I lied on my stomach and unbuckled my bikini top so I wouldn't get bikini lines across my back. I glanced around to make sure no one was looking then I pulled my bikini bottoms completely off. I lied baking in the sun for about 15 minutes when I heard some voices near by. I peered over in the direction of the voices and saw two guys with a Frisbee looking for a good place to play.

I paid them no attention since they were so far away and didn't notice me. I rolled over on my back after a while and fell asleep.

I was rudely awakened later by something that hit the ground near me. I opened my eyes and saw a blue Frisbee lying next to me. Frantically I began looking for my bikini I had removed before I fell asleep. Fumbling around in the sand my hands ran across some feet.

"Well hello there." I looked up squinting. I saw a great looking guy standing over me. I smiled and was blushing at the same time.

"I was looking for my...."

"Bikini?" He says with a shit grin. He moved his hands from behind his back and I noticed he had my bikini bottoms and top in his hand.

"Are you going to give those to me?"

He smiled again and shook his head. "I like you just the way you are right now." He then whistled for his friend to come there where we were.

I smiled admiring his fine physic and wondered if his friend was as good looking as he was.

He looked down at me. "Nothing to be ashamed of.... especially with a body like yours."

I smiled at him.

He then lied down next to me. He grabbed my hand and shoved it down into his shorts.

I felt his big hard cock.

"See what you did?" He said.

I rubbed his fat cock for a while teasing him then I tried to remove my hand from his shorts.

"Hey!" Keep your hand in there until I tell you to take it out!" He growled. Just then his friend came running up.

"Whoa! What did ya find Tye?" his friend said.

Tyler smiled up at his friend. "Buried treasure my friend.... buried treasure."

Tyler was making me this whole time; rub his cock under his shorts. His cock was growing bigger and bigger. I just knew that if he decided to fuck me with that huge cock of his I'd about bust in half!

" my new friend here." Tyler peered at me. "What did you say your name was?"

I frowned at him. "I never said my name. I'm not sure if I even want you to know my name.... a girls got to keep her reputation you know." I smiled at him then looked up at Jake. Jake was smiling at me.

"It sounds like you like to play sweetheart. Do you want to play with us?"

I nodded.

Jacob gasped. "Damn you're hot whatever your name is." He smiled at me again then dropped down to his knees.

Tyler looked at me and asked, "What kind of game would you like to play?"

I grinned. "Can I make the rules?" I asked.

They both sat there and said nothing.

"I guess that would mean yes." With that I moved to a kneeling position. "Tyler baby.... get on your knees. You too Jake."

Both of them looked at each other for a moment then simultaneously moved to a kneeling position. I moved down on all fours all the time keeping an eye on both Tye and Jake. "Okay...I need you both slide those shorts down so I can see what I have to work with."

Jake and Tyler both looked very pleasantly surprised as they both chuckled nervously. They did exactly what I told them to without any questions.

Jacob looked at me "I hope this isn't a joke or something."

I looked up at Jacob as I crawled on all fours in his direction. When I was close enough I wrapped my mouth around his cock ever so softly and began sucking his fat hard cock. I sucked his cock for a little bit then pulled my mouth away, looked up at him, and said, "Does this look like a joke?"

Jake smiled and shook his head. I then moved to Tyler and began sucking on his cock. Tyler must have been a bit overly excited watching me suck Jakes cock because when I began sucking Tye's cock he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head toward him making me swallow his cock deep into my throat. He moaned in absolute delight. I sucked his cock good and hard for a couple minutes when Jake broke the silence and said "My turn."

He grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head away from Tyler's cock and directed me over to his cock. I licked Jacob's balls in a teasing manner and handled his cock with my hand. He loved it.... and I knew it.

Tyler must have grown impatient while waiting to be pleasured and took it upon himself to find pleasure.... which I had no problem with. He bent down to an all fours position and crawled behind me. Soon I felt his hot breath against my throbbing pussy! He began to suck me from behind. I began moaning as I kept sucking Jacobs's cock.

"Get her good Tye!" Jake said with a smile. "Suck her raw!"

Tyler forced his face deeper into my pussy using all of his mouth to suck my wet pussy. It felt so good! Tye then moved his mouth away from my pussy and moved to a kneeling position behind me.

Jacob pulled my mouth off his cock and moved to a sitting position with his legs open in front of me. He then grabbed my head again and pushed it into his lap. Keep sucking baby.

I smiled and did exactly what Jake wanted me to do. I bent down further leaving my ass propped in the air and began sucking and licking Jakes balls and cock. Tye who was kneeling behind me moved in closer and positioned himself behind me and began to push his stiff cock into my pussy. His cock was so big it burned.... but it burned so good! I pulled my mouth off Jakes cock and moaned "Oh yeah baby...fuck me!"

I heard Tyler's voice behind me say "I'm going to make you tell us your name.... you'll see baby.... I want you to holler your name for us to hear okay? That will be the object of this game."

I groaned, "Yes.... yes..." Tyler started fucking me harder, knocking the wind out of me as I spoke. " Make me tell you my name!"

Jake then grabbed my head and forced his cock back into my mouth and down my throat deeper and deeper with every throbbing thrust! From every pump Tye was giving me from behind forced jakes cock back and forth into my throat.

Tyler fucked me from behind a good ten minutes when I heard him say "Hey Jake.... want some of this?"

I was still suckling Jakes cock like there was no tomorrow. I was so turned on. "Oh yeah man.... I could deal with that." Jake pulled away from me.

"Hey!" I said, " I thought I was making the rules."

Jacob looked down at me. "You just shut your mouth until we tell you to open it. This is our game now huh Tye?"

Tye stood up. "It sure is." Tye laid down in the sand and pulled my arm toward him. Sit on my fat cock bitch! They were getting rougher with me but I wasn't scared. I was getting more and more turned on with every word and gesture they made. I moved toward Tye, straddled over him then he made me sit on his fat cock.

I moaned in agony and ecstasy at the same moment.

Jake said, "Look at that hot ass. She sucks cock great but I want to make this slut remember this day."

I grunted as Tye kept shoving his cock up in me "what do you want then?"

Jake said, "I think I want to fuck your ass."

I moaned, "Have at it." Just then Tye pulled my ass cheeks apart giving Jake a good target.

I asked, "Please be easy." I didn't think they heard me.

Jake shoved his cock up my ass and crushed me against Tye's chest. I cried out and hoped no one heard me, which was impossible since no one else was around the beach then.

Tye held me still as Jack fucked my ass. I felt the tell tale signs of my cum coming. All I could do is moan "Harder, Harder... HARDER." Then it came and I squeezed my asshole and pussy at the same time.

I heard Jake grunting and start cumming also. I felt the hot cum splash inside my ass and then Tye's huge cock started to twitch and I knew he wasn't far behind. I allowed them both to finish, as they needed. Jake pulled his cock out of me and reminded me of the slut I felt like. But all I could do is smile.

Tye then shoved me to the side and told me that was incredible and wanted more in the future.

I told them both as I grabbed my towel and started to clean off my pussy and ass that I was married and couldn't go home with cum in my ass and pussy. Tye chuckled and said "I must be a lucky guy and I have a cabin just down the road and you can shower there if you gave each of us another blow job and my other friend Chuck at the cabin."

I wasn't sure what to do. Three more blow jobs and then I could get cleaned up. Sounded good.

I said "Ok but I have to make it quick, my husband will be home soon."

Jake threw my bikini to me and said, "Get dressed bitch." The boys pulled up their shorts and told me to follow them. As we walked I admired their asses and listened to them talk about classes at the local college. That was when I realized these guys must have been about 19 or 20 at the most. I just grinned.

What happened at their cabin is a story for another time.