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My wife wrote this letter last night after meeting an old co-worker in her office at the end of her day. I will write more of what happened when we got home and what is to come over the next day or so. Enjoy!

As I sat at my desk, waiting, I could feel my pulse in my pussy. I was throbbing in anticipation of his arrival. It felt as if my pussy was so swollen, pressing into my thong so tightly. I looked down and could see my nipples so clearly, pushing so hard against the silk lining of my short, sleeveless yellow flowered dress. My bare, hard nipples being teased and massaged with every movement. My thong was soaked and I worried if I was creating a wet spot on my dress where I sat. I could feel my juices flowing, wetting my inner thigh. My fingers trembled on my keyboard as I imagined him inside me. It had been years but I've never forgotten the feeling. The first time I had held his cock, so heavy, so thick, longer than any I've ever had. How it felt inside me. I could feel him, stretching me, pushing my walls to the side as he entered me. I jumped. My phone rang. It was my husband.

He could hear the trembling in my voice. He asked how I was. I said preoccupied with work. He laughed, started flirting. He was just as excited as I though he did not know about Paul, yet. I told him I had to go but I'd pick him up from work at 4:30pm. I looked at my computer and it showed 3:10pm. He would be here any minute.

I woke up this morning thinking of Paul. It had been three years since we had seen each other. We talked or emailed from time to time but we would finally see each other again today, even if it was just for a few minutes. I knew we would make the best of our time. Paul and I had worked together and the night of his going away party, the day before he transferred to a West Coast office, we had a night that I've never forgotten and think of often. He took me like no man had ever taken me. I made my way to the shower and as I stepped in, my finger traced my slit and I was dripping already.

I washed my shoulder length auburn hair, soaped and caressed my firm breasts and twisted and pulled on my hard, long nipples. At 5'3" my legs seemed very long as I shaved them smooth, moving up to shave away any hair that was near my opening or on my lips, leaving a small tuft of red hair just above my clit. My belly was not flat but it was in no way fat and my hips looked curvier than I remembered ever seeing them. It must be the moment I thought. At 47 I still had what others called a beautiful body. Even after children my breasts were a firm 36b and at 130 lbs my shape was hourglass as my husband would say.

I walked to my closet. John, my husband, sat on the bed watching the morning news. Hmmmm you smell very nice he said as I walked by with only a white towel around me. That was a longer than normal shower my love. I smiled and said I'm glad you think so. I knew what I was wearing. I let the towel drop to the floor. I pulled my black lacy thong out of my drawer and pulled it up my legs. I could feel the crotch clutching my throbbing pussy and felt the tiny string against my ass. I picked out my favorite f-me bra which John had bought me last Christmas. It was a black lace shelf bra with half cups, leaving my breasts and nipples uncovered. I heard John cough and turned and he just smiled at me. I stepped into my sleeveless, short yellow dress and walked over to John and asked him to zip me. As he pulled the zipper slowly up my back, he reached in front of me and cupped my left breast, pinching my hard nipple. Once zipped, he slid his other hand up my thigh until his fingers touched my mound. Margaret you are so wet he said. I turned and kissed him. I told him I'd be sure to be in the same condition when we got home. If only he'd known.

I heard a light knock and almost jumped from my chair. I turned and there was Paul. God he's huge I thought to myself as he took up my whole doorway. And so gorgeous. I almost leapt from my chair into his arms. We gave each other a hug. He stepped into my office and closed my door and as our lips met, I heard him lock my office door. I melted into his strong arms as he held me against him, my feet not touching the ground. He stepped further into my office and gently let me down as his hand reached to cup my breast. I moaned into his mouth as my hands found his chest, unbuttoning his shirt and pulling his tie off. I opened his shirt and my mouth locked over his nipple as he pinched mine. I sucked his nipple into my mouth as I felt him twist mine. I moaned into his chest. I started to move my mouth down his chest and he pushed me back until the back of my legs touched the seat of my chair and he made me sit.

I looked up at him and with trembling fingers my hands traced down his bare belly to his pants and I pulled open his belt. I undid his slacks and unzipped him. I pushed his slacks down his muscular thighs and I could see the outline of his semi hard cock through his silk boxers. My hand reached for that cock. I rubbed him through his boxers. My hand could only fit half way around his thick cock, as I stroked him up and down, feeling him grow in my hand. He pushed his boxers down and I gasped. He looked even bigger than I remembered. So thick. His cock stuck straight out and I slid my hand from the huge head down the long thick shaft until I grasped it at the base. I leaned forward in my chair and kissed the head, tonguing his cap. I ran my lips from the underside of his cock from the head to his huge balls. I cupped his balls with my other hand and sucked them into my mouth as I stroked him. He felt as if he was getting harder. I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, loving the feeling of his thickness against my lips. I moved my mouth up his long shaft and my mouth took his head in, trying to fit his hugeness into my mouth.

My mouth stretched as I took him in. My hands slid around his hips until I was holding his ass as I felt his huge hands on the back of my head, pulling my mouth towards his body. His hips pushed at the same time he pulled my head towards his body and my mouth went further onto him as his cock went deeper into my mouth, until he was at the back of my throat. He felt me gag and he thrust his cock and pushed me deeper and I felt him enter my throat. I gagged again and he did the same until he was deep in my throat. I just held him there and tried to massage him with my tongue as he moaned. I could feel his cock throbbing. He held my head so tight and moved his hips lightly, back and forth as I held him there, buried in my throat. Finally he pulled his cock slowly out of my throat and as my mouth was pulled off of him, I could see my slobber all over his thick, engorged cock.

Paul lifted me up from my chair and I guided him back to another chair. I made him sit as I pulled his shoes and pants off. He looked so good, naked except an open shirt and his tie hanging on both sides. I reached for his tie and took an end in both hands as I moved to him, his legs between mine. I placed a knee on the edge of the chair and I could feel the hardness of his cock rubbing my pussy through the material of my thong. I had waited so long for this. I placed my other knee on the chair straddling Paul. As I reached between my legs his hand moved up my back to unzip my dress. As he unzipped my dress I pulled my thong to the side. As Paul pushed my dress off my shoulders I pulled my arms out and my dress fell around my waist. My breasts were now free, being held by my half bra so tightly, pushing them out capped with my jutting, hardened nipples. My hand dropped to grab his cock and I guided him to my opening.

As I felt his head nudge my lips open, Paul moved his hands to my hips gripping me harder. I felt him pushing me down and I gave myself to him. I felt my pussy start to slide down his long, thick shaft, stretching me like I've never felt, my walls clutching his cock as he continued deeper. I looked down and there was still so much more cock to enter me. As I felt and watched the rest disappear into my body a shock went through me and my head fell back as Paul held me. He pulled my body to him and he took a nipple into his mouth. As he bit my nipple he lifted me up the entire length of his cock and slammed me down hard onto him. I collapsed into him. It felt that at one moment I was empty then the next I was stuffed so full. It felt so incredible. I clutched Paul's head, holding onto him tight, holding his mouth tight against my breast as he lifted me again and slammed me down again. The shocks between my nipple and pussy were more than intense. I buried my face into his shoulder as Paul pulled me up again then back down. I could feel my pussy start to spasm and my legs start to shake. I felt my pussy open as my juices and cream started flooding out of me around Paul's massive cock. Each time I was pulled down I could hear and feel my juices being forced out of me.

The spasms took over my body and I started shaking uncontrollably. I whimpered into Paul's ear to fuck me harder, which he did. Paul was literally pulling me almost completely off his cock and slamming me down. He thrust his hips up into me sending his massive cock even deeper, which sent me even further over the edge. I held on as I had the most massive orgasm of my life. Paul wouldn't let up and just fucked up into me so hard. I was a rag doll in his hands. I moan into his ear ... keep fucking me hard, don't stop, just fuck me.

Paul picked me up and carried me over to the window shelf, never pulling out of me. My legs wrapped around him and he started thrusting into me. I looked down and watched this massive, long, thick cock piston in and out of me so fast it was a blur. I could see my cream covering his beautiful cock every time he pulled out. I watched in amazement and I felt another powerful orgasm building and I started getting dizzy. It got stronger with every thrust until it took over my body, my legs jutting straight out, shaking so hard. I pulled Paul's mouth to mine and just opened my mouth into his and moaned, hoping he would muffle my moans. Paul reached up with his hand and wrapped it around my throat, squeezing, cutting the blood off to my brain. I went nuts. The orgasm that was the most intense I ever felt got stronger. My body went limp, my pussy was throbbing and spasms rocked my body. All I could do was moan into his mouth for him to keep fucking me, over and over again. My orgasm never lifted and I felt my pussy walls spasm, clutching his thick cock so tight. His thrusts got faster and faster, fucking me so hard until he pulled me so hard onto him as he thrust deep on last time and I felt his cock thicken even wider as he shot load after load deep inside of me. His cock kept throbbing and twitching as my walls clutched and milked his cock of every drop of his sweet cum. We stayed there, him holding me so tight, locked together, his cock so deep in me.

When he pulled out of me I could see my lips being stretched around the length of his cream covered cock. He pulled out until his huge head remained inside of me. I could feel the huge rim of the head of his cock at my opening inside of me. He stretched my opening again as he pulled out and another orgasm ripped through me. As he pulled out, he pulled my black thong back over my swollen, drenched pussy. I watched as his massive load mixed with my juices flooded into the crotch of my thong making my black thong even blacker. I moved off the window sill and fell to my knees and started to clean his softening cock with my mouth. We tasted so good. The mixture of him and I was delicious. I took him so deep until my nose was against his belly. He held my head tight. I held him there and moaned around his cock.

He pulled me up and our lips met as I shared our juices with him. As he held me he guided my hands and arms back into my dress and his hand moved to the small of my back as he zipped my dress up. Our lips parted and he stood in front of me, naked from the waist down as he straightened out my dress. I literally collapsed into his arms as he held me. I whispered into his chest. That was the most incredible fuck I've ever had. He kissed the top of my head. I let go and he pulled his pants on. He slipped on his shoes. I looked at my clock on the wall and it was 3:55pm. I had to leave to get John. How was I going to walk? I gingerly made it to my desk chair and sat down. I could feel my pussy, soaked and swollen, press against my chair. I knew the back of my dress would be drenched. I know John would not only see it, he would be able to smell the sex that surrounded me. I pulled the hem of my dress up and my inner thighs were glazed with Paul's and my juices all the way down to my knees.

I smiled to myself as Paul came to my chair. He pulled me up and kissed me. I said I had to go. Paul told me to call him as he was staying a few extra days. My heart skipped and my mind wandered of what may come. As I left my office I pulled the door shut then opened it again. I could smell us. I could still feel Paul inside me. I was so wet, so stretched, so swollen. My pussy throbbed. I couldn't wait to get home with John. I smiled and closed and locked the door.

To be continued...