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Monday morning as I left for work, I watched my wife Angie primping herself as if she was getting ready for a date. Angie watched me in the mirror as she smoothed lotion over her freshly shaved legs; pausing to fluff the tuft of pale pubic hair left adorning her otherwise shaved pussy. She knew that I loved the pride she took in her appearance, even on a routine Monday when she had no big plans.

"I need to shower, Aaron, so you better leave now or you'll be climbing in with me and then you'll be late for work."

"What about this hardness?" I replied, cupping my groin.

Angie chuckled. "Maybe that young one you call the ‘office heterosexuality tester' will help you with it."

I groaned, knowing that Maureen, a taut twenty-two year old, was unattainable for me. She was the boss' daughter. If my own wife wouldn't fuck me, how likely was it some hot babe would suddenly drag me into a supply cupboard and insist on sucking my fat dick until she swallowed my load? It was embarrassing enough that Angie denied me release and left me instead to jerk off at work watching Maureen flounce around in her slit short skirts, pushup bras and spandex T-shirts. Especially since Angie knew me so well. The best I could do was tease back. "Oh, you just say that because you wish you could watch."

"Not likely. I'm no lesbo." I noticed however that Angie was blushing.

This day I varied from my routine. I work commissioned sales, am not really accountable for my time, and was already way ahead of quota for the month. I drove away as usual, but parked my BMW around the corner at the community center. I hiked through the playground, hopped a fence and climbed the tree in my own backyard. I'm still not quite sure why I did this, but what I saw next focused my energies in my groin, and soon I had my cock in my hand, like a peeping tom, except watching my own wife. I was no longer wondering why, I was just glad I had snuck back.

I arrived just in time to see Angie walk out of the shower, still dripping wet, a towel wrapped around her head. She sat at her vanity, blow-drying her hair, teasing it out with a comb. The towel sat across her lap, but in the mirror, I got a good look at her breasts, still firm and perky, with erect nipples. After carefully applying eye shadow, blush and lipstick, pausing occasionally to caress her nipples, Angie walked to her lingerie drawer and sorted through it carefully, considering her choices. Finally, she settled on a sheer black bra which I knew would allow her nipples to stick out through her clothes. She also picked out a matching thong, garter belt and stockings adorned with a tiny pattern of roses around the top border. Angie paused before putting on the bra and coated each nipple with rouge. I almost came as Angie slowly eased into her underwear, posing for herself, admiring each angle in the mirrors. I did come when she caressed her clit through her thong, her tongue flicking out across her lips, legs spread wide; as she teased herself just enough that I knew her scent of the day was pure Angie musk.

Angie next walked to her wardrobe closet. Having come, I almost decided to leave, but once again, I felt compelled to watch as she selected a backless emerald green halter cocktail dress which matched her eyes perfectly. It also displayed both sides of her breasts, and drew a viewer's gaze naturally to the valley of her cleavage and then down to wear the tops of stockings peaked out of the short hemline. The overall effect screamed "I would give you the ride of your life."

By this point, I was more than a little curious who this outfit was intended to impress. Angie knew I was out for the day, so it was not for my benefit. This was not dressing for shopping or coffee with a neighbour.

Angie quickly left the house and almost skipped across the street to where Dollie and Julio lived. I crept out of my tree and to the corner of the house, peering at the show. Dollie was one of Angie's best friends, a twice divorced bleach blonde a bit too loud and boozy for my taste. Her husband was unusual, almost a trophy husband, a good ten or more years younger than Dollie. The role reversal also included their finances. Dollie had started with nest eggs from two property equalizations and parlayed that into a career as an executive headhunter, traveling widely to recruit top managers. Julio had bungled several careers in the years we had been neighbours. These days, he managed a computer service dispatch service out of their home; sending technicians out on calls to do work he likely could never do himself. This left him home through the day, but quite busy. I imagined Mondays were especially brisk, so assumed that Dollie was also home, and that Angie must be headed over to have coffee with her, or a girlie shopping expedition.

I crept across the road and knelt behind Julio's company truck. Through an open window, I heard only two voices, those of Julio and Angie. As Julio made espresso I snuck closer, hiding among the shrubberies, peering through the blinds.

As Julio carried the tray of coffee to the table, Angie stood, crouching over allowing him an extended look at her cleavage. They both sat, knees almost touching- her on a love seat, Julio discretely on a wing chair. After Angie sipped her brew, she thanked him for the "great start" to her "day of escape". Julio replied, "I wish I had the time to play with you properly, but I must check the messages often. Dollie has said if I screw up this job, I must work in her office. I have pride of course."

Angie laughed softly. "Pride aside, you could not stand her watching over you. She might get upset if we did this in her office."

Then she turned her face up to his and he kissed her lips softly. I could hardly breathe as I watched. This was the first time I had ever seen Angie kiss another man intimately, and there was no question from the ease of the situation that these two were lovers.

Julio returned Angie's kiss like a thirsty man suckling ripe fruit, burying his tongue deep inside her mouth, making her gasp for breath. Before I could digest this further, Angie was nibbling Julio's earlobe. He in turn nuzzled her neck until their lips worked back together, locking tightly. Even from the shrubs, I could make out that their tongues were wrestling passionately.

As they kissed, Angie slid forward to the edge of her loveseat, her hand closing the gap to Julio's lap, rubbing his obvious bulge through his pants. His hips reacted instinctively, raising himself off his chair. It seemed very natural as she undid his buckle and unzipped his fly, allowing his almost fully erect cock to burst free. Angie gasped, smiled and said, "Is that all for me?" She seemed as pleased by his cock as a little girl tasting ice cream.

Julio reciprocated by sliding one hand up along her side, and then across her back underneath the halter, cupping her breast from behind. As I watched his hand rub her tit, I could almost feel their soft tender ripeness, so familiar to me. Angie's tits had always been more sensitive than any others I had felt in my life and now they were reacting to Julio's touch. Slowly he massaged her boob. I could tell by her reddened skin that this was exciting her. With her flesh cupped in his palm, he closed his thumb and forefinger around her erect nipple. He stroked it, slowly at first, and then as it grew more aroused, he became more aggressive, pinching her nipple roughly. Angie broke free of the kiss long enough to toss her head back and sigh. As Julio pulled that right nub away from her flesh, his other hand found her left breast, his thumb forcefully massaging that nipple.

Angie rubbed Julio's erection, her tiny fingers stretched around his girth. Despite having come watching Angie earlier, I was ready to burst out of my pants again. Julio pushed Angie's top open and lowered his lips to her left breast, sucking her rouged nipple as her now massaged the areola of her right tit. His lips were drawing the excited nipple away from her flesh much like he had done on the right side with his fingers. Her moans deepened as she lowered her head towards his lap.

This display was interrupted however. Dollie suddenly entered from the back of the house. Angie abruptly sat upright, shifting back in her seat. Dollie was swift in assessing the scene. Julio's failure to tuck his hard prick back into his pants was a pretty good clue.

"What the hell are you two up to?" Dollie demanded.

I figured that Julio was about to get his walking papers. This Monday of surprises, had hardly begun for me.

"I thought I told you two to save the sex for the customers," Dollie continued. "What if I needed to close a big placement?"

"I could handle it," Angie replied, regaining her composure.

"But what if there was a recruit's wife that wanted a good hard fucking?"

"I would use my strap on."

"It's not the same as real meat, honey. Plus, Julio might have to let Old Man Brewster suck his dick. Brewster Plastics is my biggest account and the Chairman loves being able to swallow sperm without hanging around the washrooms in the park."

"I can always handle Brewster," Angie said. "No matter how gay he is at heart, he's been deep in the closet for decades. He responds very well to a little rough treatment. I think it has to do with his sense of shame at his sexuality. I force him to spend a lot of time sucking my boobs, telling him to imagine he is sucking cock. Like this."

Angie stood up suddenly. Where moments before Dollie had seemed dominant, now the roles were reversed as Angie drew Dollie's head between her tits. "Now kiss me," Angie commanded.

Dollie complied, kissing Angie's cleavage feverishly as her hands grabbed Angie's butt, squeezing tightly. Julio meanwhile helped Angie strip Dollie without letting the older woman up for air. The whole time, he was looking eagerly over his wife's shoulder, eyes smoldering with passion. I ducked down in case he saw me through the window behind Angie. I glanced up just in time to watch Julio smoothly ease the bra from Dollie's shoulders and down her arms. Before Dollie could react, Angie and Julio slipped Dollie's dress to the floor and she was standing between them, naked but for her panties.

As Julio moved behind his wife, Dollie eased her finger under Angie's thong. Julio ran his hands over the soft flesh of the two women, grinding his erection against his wife's ass vigourously, driving her harder into Angie. Dollie slowly worked her finger deeper under Angie's thong, until her finger was buried knuckle deep in my wife's tight asshole, which I had always assumed was virgin. Dollie drew her finger out and twisted, demanding that Julio lick it "We need more lube," she joked.

As Julio obeyed, Angie slid her own fingers across her slit to her anus, adding slickness. Dollie returned her saliva lubricated fingers to Angie's anus, fucking them in and out of her ass. I was shocked by the obvious practiced ease of this motion. Angie's ass was clearly not virgin, and Dollie had plainly been there before. My cock was throbbing massively. Though not as enormously as Julio's. I had thought it was large before, but now it was swollen to gigantic proportions.

The rocking action of the Dollie sandwich continued until Julio tumbled backwards into the wing chair, pulling Dollie onto his lap. Dollie was not a small woman, and she ground her massive ass cheeks harshly against Julio's erection. I could not tell whether the look on his face was pain, pleasure, or both.

Angie was not left out for long. Dollie pulled her close and eased the front of my wife's skirt up until it was bunched at the waist. I was now certain that this was not a new situation for the two women, regardless of whether Dollie approved of Angie fucking Julio or not.

Dolly tore Angie's panties off quickly, grinning wickedly as she teased Angie's clit with a finger with Angie squirming just in front of her face. Dollie's tongue danced out of her mouth, stabbing lightly at Angie's button, flicking it from side to side. Still grinding back against Julio, Dollie sucked Angie's clit into her mouth, closing her lips tightly around the base. I watched her cheeks hollow and then puff out with each breath as she worked Angie's button with her tongue. Without pausing the oral sex, Dollie slid three thick fingers hard up into Angie's soaked cunt. Angie jerked with pleasure, her knees quivering as Dollie rotated the fingers faster and deeper. Angie was now fucking Dollie's face as the older woman dragged her baby fingernail across the sensitive "G-spot" along the inner wall of Angie's pussy. I recognized Angie's screaming orgasm, loud enough to wake the dead. I grinned, recalling her being asked, while on our honeymoon, to tone it down. Then I frowned, realizing it had been years since Angie had screamed so loudly for me.

Regaining her composure quickly, Angie turned the tables, taking control. First, she mashed her wet cunt back into Dollie's face, but as soon as had the older woman risen up and started licking, Angie pulled back and dropped to her knees. Dollie's actions had left a gap between her ass and Julio's cock which Angie exploited by reaching under Dollie and dragging Julio's massive erection in front of Dollie's cunt.

Dollie proceeded to stroke her panty covered cunt along Julio's shaft as Angie licked at the head. In the process, several times Angie's tongue grazed the scanty cloth covering Dollie's clit.

Angie circled the crown of Julio's cock as she stroked it, the backs of her fingers teasing Dollie's clit. Then Angie showed a trick she had never tried on me. She kissed one of Julio's balls and then opened her lips slowly, drawing the weight into her mouth while bobbing her head just a bit up and down, until finally she had sucked his ball all the way into her mouth. She gently rolled it around, kneading it with her tongue. She alternated, giving each testicle careful attention while the tip of Julio's cock pressed against Dollie's slit. Gradually, the intensity built as Angie began twisting the weight in her mouth, tugging it from Julio's groin until he let out a fierce groan, pulling up so that his ball popped free. Angie chuckled, "That's called teabagging. That girl who works with Aaron, Maureen, taught me at lunch last week." She giggled girlishly. "We had to borrow a waiter as a practice dummy. I don't think he minded."

Julio's cock was quickly leaking precum as he rubbed his hard member against Dollie while Angie resumed teasing him with her tongue. I took out my own organ, pumping it as I crouched in the garden watching the threesome fuck.

Dollie ripped her panties aside as Julio began to spew great gobs of goo. The first shot of white creamy cum splattered Angie almost in the eye, dribbling down onto her tits. Angie again maintained her composure, expertly inserting Julio's pulsing member into Dollie's waiting cunt. Julio deposited the rest his load into Dolly's pussy while Angie crawled up her lap to offer Dollie a taste of the cum dripping across the rouge painted nipples I had tasted so often myself.

Finally, the threesome collapsed in a heap, spent.

The last words I heard were Angie chuckling as she told Dollie, "And that was just the warm up. I'm ready to work now. Man, woman, one, two or more, I'll fuck anyone you ask me to my love. But first, give me some cash to go shopping with."

I quickly sprinted across the road and headed back to my car, wondering what all this meant for my marriage.